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Pound cake & Banana Bread

Where can I find the richest, moistest vanilla pound cake, and the best banana or banana-walnut bread in T.O.please?

Thank you! :)

P.S. The banana bread at Yummy's on Queen W. tastes bland and more like a dry muffin. I as disappointed with it because it was small,overpriced and not so good.

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  1. i'm having the same problem! why must all banana bread be dry?!

    1. Pound cake and banana bread are two of the easiest cakes to bake at home. If you're interested, you might try posting a request for recipes on Home Cooking.

      1. Sweet Bliss on Queen E. always has a great bread every weekend, pretty seasonal ingredients. Their banana bread was one of the best I've eaten.

        1. Have you tried the Banana Bread from St. John's bakery or Brick Street in the Distillery? IIRC I have had luck with both spots in the past.

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          1. The Common has a delicious moist banana bread, made with spelt flour. It has chocolate chips though, not walnuts.

            1. Epi Breads at 1526 Bayview Ave in Toronto has a very moist carrot cake with incredible cream cheese icing. For $10, you can get an entire loaf.

              Epi Breads
              1526 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

              1. Pusateri's carries a really nice banana bread. I forget the name of the brand but when you walk into the pastry section, it is right there on your left. It's a low fat banana bread, but you'd never know it. It's always moist and really delicious. It comes in plain and with chocolate chips. The same company that makes the banana bread also makes a carrot loaf, which again, is unbelievably moist, and out of this world.

                1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

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                  Brunos and Metro carry that low fat banana bread as well. It is very good both with and without chocolate chips. It's made by Good For You Desserts and says LOW FAT - GUILT FREE prominently on the label.

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                    I think this is the one to which you refer:


                    And I agree....it is pretty good for packaged , store bought cake.

                    EDIT - Oops- didn't notice the date of this thread or the above post in response to kwass! NEED COFFEE!!!

                  2. The Kirkland brand pound cake from Costco is quite good. It's light and flavourful.

                    1. Not a bakery, but a lounge/bar...The Comrade in Riverdale has banana bread for $6 on their menu and it comes caramelized topped with vanilla ice cream. It is addictive. I am still thinking about it after only getting to eat half on Saturday night (shared with a friend).

                      1. Since we're on the topic of pound cake, does any restaurant or bakery make terrific trifle? Alcohol preferred.

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                          At the risk of being 'hounded' off the Board...my absolute never fail moist and yummy 'Pound Cake" is the frozen one from Sara Lee..have been using it since I can't remember when..I use it as a base for so many desserts but it is really good on its own as well.....just sayin'!!

                        2. Banana bread: My Market Bakery, in Kensington Market (delish, cheap too!)
                          Banana bread: Hasty Market, most locations (believe it or not) make a delish banana bread, cheap as well!
                          Banana bread: Whole Foods makes real nice low fat and regular versions
                          Banana walnut muffins: Circles & Squares (soooooo good)