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Dec 31, 2008 05:37 PM

Pound cake & Banana Bread

Where can I find the richest, moistest vanilla pound cake, and the best banana or banana-walnut bread in T.O.please?

Thank you! :)

P.S. The banana bread at Yummy's on Queen W. tastes bland and more like a dry muffin. I as disappointed with it because it was small,overpriced and not so good.

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  1. i'm having the same problem! why must all banana bread be dry?!

    1. Pound cake and banana bread are two of the easiest cakes to bake at home. If you're interested, you might try posting a request for recipes on Home Cooking.

      1. Sweet Bliss on Queen E. always has a great bread every weekend, pretty seasonal ingredients. Their banana bread was one of the best I've eaten.

        1. Have you tried the Banana Bread from St. John's bakery or Brick Street in the Distillery? IIRC I have had luck with both spots in the past.

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          1. The original comment has been removed