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Dec 31, 2008 04:13 PM

Depoe Bay and area - what's good?

I will be spending three days in Depoe Bay, OR and am looking for excellent food. To date, my favorites have been the Bay House in Lincoln City, and Oceanus In Depoe Bay, which I understand has closed. I have had decent meals at the Canyon Way Bookstore in Newport. I understand that there is a new restaurant at the new Whale Cove Inn in Depoe Bay, called 44 Degrees, but know nothing about it. Do you have any recommendations withing a 20 or so minute ride from Depoe Bay?

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  1. Quite a while ago, we had a great meal at Chez Jeannette in Gleneden Beach. Newport has a lot of great meals... On the bayfront, there are two good options: Saffron Salmon has great food, a little more upscale. Local Ocean Seafood is a little more casual, but really good. I still am trying to replicate their fish tacos. In historic Nye Beach, Aprils is always really good. For breakfast/lunch, Panini Bakery (also in Nye Beach is fabulous). If you have suggestions for Bandon, OR, please post them. We are headed there today!

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      Unfortunately Chez Jeannette closed about a year ago. In Gleneden I recommend The Side Door. It's a regular stop for us. If you want to go all the way to Pacific City, I hope the Delicate Palate Bistro is open. We go to the Oregon Coast several times a year and as of the last trip, Delicate Palate was the best. A little upscale, but if you can afford the Bay House, you can afford the Delicate Palate. Personally, I think the Bay House has gone down hill.

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        It's been ages since Chez Jeanette closed. Too was great. Anyone been to Salishan recently. It its heyday, many moons ago, it was wonderful.

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          Salishan is now a Holiday Inn type of place. Gone is the terrific wine cellar. Gone is the upscale food. Gone is good service. Mediocre at best now.

      2. My folks like Tidal Raves in Depot Bay-I think their food is good, not fabulous, but their setting can't be beat.

        I like the Bayhouse, too-ate there last on our honeymoon 3 years ago, and had a great meal.

        My folks, who live in Newport, really love April's their-I've never eaten there. My favorite place in Newport is Shark's, tiny place down on the Bayfront with fabulous seafood.

        1. I last went to Tidal Raves years ago and it was really bad, haven't been back.

          We always make a point to go to Kyllo's in Lincoln City. Great food, great view.

          1. BlackFish Cafe in Lincoln City is about 15 minutes north of Depoe Bay and has always been a favorite of mine along with Bay House.

            1. Our visit has been delayed, and we will be going in about 3 weeks. Will be in Depoe Bay for three nights. We are thinking about dinners at:
              Canyon Way Bookstore in Newport, which has been good in the past, but we haven't been recently.
              Bay House in Lincoln City
              Panache in Newport, which is relatively new.
              April's in Nye Beach (Newport)
              Tidal Raves in Depoe (which is pretty good for lunch)

              Where would you pick for three dinners....and any comments re the restaurants above would be appreciated.

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                I would (and do) pick The Side Door in Gleneden Beach, Blackfish in Lincoln City, and if you didn't mind the drive, the Delicate Palate Bistro in Pacific City.
                The Bay House has changed, believe me. We have gone since we were young, but after the past couple of times have written it off. High priced, poor quality, not as good service. As I said, something has changed. Only go to Tidal Raves if you can get a window seat, because the view is the only thing good there.

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                  Just spoke with someone who lives in the area. They also recommend The Side Door in Gleneden...but, they also said that The Bay House continues to be the best restaurant in the central Oregon coast. They ate there as recently as last week, and said that they had a "flawless" dinner. I know that the current ownership has been in place for about 2 years, and when I went there a year ago, I thought it was quite good. Any other recent visits to The Bay House??

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                    Just returned from Depoe Bay. Had a very good dinner at the Bay House which I don't think has changed at all in the past two or three years since the ownership changed. The room is still very attractive and the service was warm and professional. Our food was very good, but not never has been exceptional. They have a new cocktail lounge which is very attractive. I would definitely recommend this place for a more upscale experience.

                    We had dinner a second night at the Side Door in Gleneden Beach. It was really very nice for what it is...a very good, casual, neighborhood restaurant. The Canyon Way Bookstore & Restaurant in Newport, is still a pretty good place, but I would recommend it more for lunch than dinner.

                    We had a terrific lunch at the Blackfish Grill in Lincoln City. The owner-chef was the executive chef at Salishan in the good old days when Salishan was wonderful. We will have dinner at the Blackfish the next time we are in the area and heartily recommend this place.

                    Also had terrific fish and chips at Nana's Irish Pub in Nye Beach (Newport) for lunch one day. Along with a glass of Guiness, this was very satisfying. Have no idea how the other food here is, and would probably only go here for lunch..

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                    I've had complete failures for meals at Tidal Raves. Unless they've change ownership in the last couple of years, I can't recommend anything but the view.