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Dec 31, 2008 04:00 PM

Negril, not A.I.

Hello I'm visiting Negril in 3 weeks. This is my second trip but first time not staying at an all inclusive. I would love dinner suggestions for 5 nights. Thanks so much.

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  1. I am currently in Negril (through 1/7/09). This is my 27th trip since my initial one on 1991.

    My recommendations:

    High(er) end (entrees up to $20)
    Charela Inn (French influence) - beach
    Kuyaba - beach
    Cosmo's Seafood - beach
    Norma's (Sea Splash) - beach
    Rock House - cliffs
    Sweet Spice - road to Sav

    Medium/Lower end (total meal < $20US)
    Coconut International - beach
    Bourbon Beach - beach (best Jerk Chicken)
    Bar-B-Barn - beach
    Traveller's - beach
    3 Dives - cliffs
    Fattie's - beach road (across the street from Traveller's), JA home-style food - no menu, you get what she's cooking that day.
    Reggae Cafe - beach

    PS - use the Cambio's for exchanging money. They are currently giving $80J to $1US, where the hotels currently give $73J or less exchange rate when paying with US$.


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      I'm glad to see you are recommending some of the places I was planning on, which are the following:

      Hungry Lion
      Norma’s on the Beach
      Xtabi Restaurant

    2. Hi Misnatalie! We're heading back to Negril for our 6th trip in Feb. We like many of the same places as Domaine, but also have had good luck with:

      Angela's (near Bar-B-Barn) for excellent jerk chicken pizza and an amazing jerk sausage pasta dish

      Irie on the Beach (Rondel Village) - my husband had a delicious shrimp curry and I really enjoyed my escovitch fish. They also have very cheap (and cold) Red Stripe!

      Have fun and report back!


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      1. I was able to go to:
        The Rock House- which had the best service by far. The apps were tasty especially the coconut shrimp which was GREAT. Entrees and sides very good. We had the seafood combo- the Mahi Mahi was delicious but the lobster was a bit rubbery. Dessert was coconut cream pie and tasty.
        Norma's was very nice but was a little put off by the $9 iceberg lettuce salad.
        Bar-B Barn (I had no choice on this one, Bourbon Beach was out of chicken)- awful service. They maid us wait forever to get served. 4 other tables that arrived after us received their meals first, plus they got my entree wrong twice. But the food was good, cheap and the sweet mashed potatoes were fantastic.
        Kuyaba- the best of them all. Great scotch bonnet pepper Conch entree and out of this world key lime pie.