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Dec 31, 2008 03:33 PM

caviar - where to buy it?

Obviously there's Petrossian, but where else to get sevruga/beluga/ossetra? Anywhere else near Beverly Center or WeHo? Thought maybe better prices to be found. Thanks and happy new years!

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  1. The Cheese Store Beverly Hills....Golden Imperial Osetra $174/oz.
    Beluga is's been over fished and Golden is the next best thing.
    Happy New Year!

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    1. re: latindancer

      We got a nice tin of the sevruga, the packs of blini (which heat in oven in 4 min) and creme fraiche at the cheese store. We went there because most convenient not for price but it didn't get too ugly. add a few bottles of brut and frozen vodka, a nice treat. egg, onion etc not for me. Caviar was packed freshly and sent home with two ice pack wedges taped around it. It was Malasol Sevruga which was a little salted. my buddy got to lick off the pearloid spoon they scooped it out in at the shop which was a nice treat.

      1. re: jessejames

        I'm so glad everything worked out for you and you found what you were looking for.
        It is such a great place and they're always so helpful.
        Happy New Year!

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        ps, it was $240 for four ounces. thanks for the tips.

      3. surfas in culver city. American, but very good. It was only $35 an ounce last year, not sure this year

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            Too late now for New Years, but you can find very good American caviar at Surfas, with its recently enlarged food offerings. (Unfortunately, they still haven't expanded their operating hours.) Also try Wally's Wines on Westwood. I got Tsar Nicoulai there at Christmas, and it was very fresh and high quality, although, of course, poor relation to the great Caspian Sea caviars, and demand keeps pushing up the price.

          2. there's a caviar store on santa monica just west of beverly glen. Used to be Bel air liquors and they sold caviaras well. Now, it's just caviar. Cant' remember the name. good prices as i recall.

            1. I've also seen caviar at Bev'Mo but I've never had it, so I cannot vouch for the taste/the price.

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              1. re: bad nono

                I got some decent American sevruga there for New Year's.

              2. I just had some very good Caviar from Costco.

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                1. re: bllrdfam

                  Do you think Costco still has the Caviar? Also, is it Iranian or Russian or is it American?