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Dec 31, 2008 02:41 PM

Lumiere, Il Capriccio, La Campania, or Boston for birthday dinner

I'm debating whether to stick to the 'burbs or venture into Boston for my birthday. I'd like to go somewhere nice and as delicious as possible. I haven't been to any of the following somewhat "top" of the western suburbs (read Waltham and Newton): Lumiere, Il Capriccio, or La Campania.

I have plans in Waltham for later in the evening and think it might be better just have dinner there rather than go into Boston, but we could get an early reservation and still make it back in time if we decide Boston would be more enjoyable. I need some convincing to pick one of the three. I'm not in love with anything on the menu at Lumiere right now and leaning towards Il Capriccio. What would be the most delicious?

(p.s. My mother will likey run into this post and wonder at my expensive birthday treats since she's taking me out to L'Espalier for my birthday as well. Hi Mom!)

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  1. I went to Il Capriccio during the summer, when they had Stuffed Zuchini Flowers with ricotta and drizzled with honey on the menu. It was amazing.

    So was everything I ordered that night. They change their menu frequently, so I can't give you my personal recommendations for now.

    But, I had an excellent dinner with superior service.

    Happy birthday!

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      I've only been to Il Capriccio once (last winter) but it was phenomenal ... based on my experience I would highly recommend it. It's wonderfully cozy inside ... perfect for a winter evening. And my three DCs and I had not a miss among everything we ordered.

      Have also heard great things from friends about both Lumiere and La Campania. We haven't visited the latter mainly because it is closed Sunday (which is our prime dining-out night).

      Happy birthday and happy dining!


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        I actually had my birthday dinner at Il Capriccio during the summer. It was a wonderful atmosphere and food was excellent. I mentioned that it was my birthday, so they actually poured some b-day potpurri on the tablecloth before we got seated, and a candle on the dessert, all done without me asking them. But they did it in a very non-intrusive way, not over-the-top, which I liked. There were 2 other tables that night for b-day celebrations, so I guess it's a popular choice for celebrations.

        Happy birthday

      2. My favorite of that group is La Campania. I think the food and atmosphere are great. I wish I could go more often.

        1. My wife and I have been to all three of your western 'burbs restaurants, I think we'd probably choose La Campania for a "special dinner". If you're going with a small group, I think the minimum is six, you can reserve the wine cellar, which is actually in the rear, on the first floor, not in the basement. It's a great spot! We have found the combination of food & service hard to beat at La Campania. Wherever you go - Enjoy !

          1. La Campania is the winner here...