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Dec 31, 2008 02:40 PM

Fuji Japanese Sushi and Seafood Buffet in North Brunswick

Just received foldout brochure in the mail about this new place that just opened on Route 1 in the same shopping center as Pathmark near Omega Diner.

It's pricey like Makkoli - $19.99 for dinner Fri-Su as an example.

I'm guessing they're in the storefront that used to be Pier 1 Imports.

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    1. I tried it tonight with the coupon for dinner so 18.00 pp. Sadly disappointed in what we found there.

      Sushi/sashimi were ok. Many different types of rolls, but also just ok. The big deal seemed to be the crab legs and the lobster dish. Both were watery and tasteless. Many different trays of hot asian dishes.

      Most were again fairly mediocre in taste.
      My favorite dishes were a baby spinich salad, edamames, and the white tuna sashimi. Also, there was a raw seafood bar. I didn't try this but saw lots of people loading plates with oysters and clams.

      There is a lot of seafood and the place was hopping. Many Asian families were present tonight. The service was very good and the setting is nicer than most other Buffet places.

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        Although the ambiance was better than most buffet places, the food was poor. 5 out of the 10 sushi plates were empty during the entire time that we ate our lunch. The salads were all wilted and sitting in pools of dressing. The hot food was mostly meat-based. It was a very deflating experience. I do not recommend this restaurant.

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          My MIL lives really close to there. She got a menu and coupons in the mail. I'll probably still try it when I go to continue cleaning out her basement. Maybe it'll be better by then. :)

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        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I just went to Fuji on Saturday for dinner (with the 10% coupon received in the mail), and I have to say that I disagree fairly strongly with some of the reviews I've read on this site and others.

            For starters, I thought the sushi was very good - in quality, quantity, and variety. One possible complaint could be the fact that the sushi offerred was 95% rolls, but as a person who likes sushi rolls, this was fine with me. There were probably at least 20-25 different rolls available, and platters were never empty. It all tasted incredibly fresh, and some of the combinations were very new and different. My wife actually complained because some of the rolls were too fat with too much fish inside - while this was true, I sure wasn't complaining. There were 3 types of sashimi offerred - tuna, salmon, and white tuna.

            As for the hot foods, these were mostly unexciting, although there was a decent variety and platters were never empty. I thought the lobster was actually pretty tasty. There was also a Mongolian Grill area where they also had some freshly grilled steak, shrimp, and lamb skewers. I didn't try this (due to stomach limitations), but next time I will skip the other hot foods and go right here. It did look pretty good.

            As for the salads, nothing here looked good, but if you're going to this restaurant in search of a good salad, I think you need to re-think your dining motivation.

            Not sure if you can even make it to dessert, but it was standard unexciting buffet fare. The one exception was the best Moose Track ice cream I've ever eaten (although it was comically labeled "Banana").

            As a person who's been to both Minado and Makkoli, I'd have to rank Minado #1 across the board, but it quite a distance away from the other 2 restaurants (which I live much closer to). I think the sushi (quality & variety) is better at Fuji than at Makkoli, but the hot foods are slightly better at Makkoli than Fuji. The atmosphere is definitely better at Fuji. Makkoli reminded me too much of a cafeteria in its layout and decor.

            So all-in-all, I think Fuji is definitely worth trying for anybody who enjoys sushi buffet. Considering they have only been open for less than 2 weeks, I think they did a pretty good job. I'll definitely be going back.

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              Finally got to try this place tonight. We were originally going to go to Ichi Umi, but decided not to as the price was very high, plus I read a not so favorable review in which a patron found a worm on their crab legs, and the management was not very understanding. After hearing that, my wife refused to go. (My other choice, Bonefish Grill, had an hour wait for our party of four plus infant, so that was out).

              So, we went to Fuji, less than 5 minutes from my in-laws. I have to honestly say that this place far exceeded my expectations. At least in terms of food.

              I'd have to say Makkoli definitely has a better layout. Sushi station is a big square with food on 4 sides, and the hot dishes are in one long stretch. Fuji has the sushi in a big oval, with the hot food in an L shape around it, against the wall. This design leads to a lot of congestion amongst buffet-goers.

              The food.. the sushi was better than I expected. True, Makkoli does have a better nigiri selection, but Fuji had some decent offerings, too. The sashimi selection was abundant, served on a large wooden boat. Lots of rolls, with good variation.

              The hot food had a number of dishes I've never seen before on a buffet, such as roasted sea bass (excellent), teriyaki white tuna (good), and basil shrimp (excellent). There was also lobster, but it went fast. I managed to score a few chunks (pretty good). The crab legs were some of the best I've had.. well seasoned instead of being waterlogged and bland.

              I never made it to the hibachi, but it looked popular. Never made it to the dim sum, either. The desserts were the typical assortment of fruits, little cakes and cookies, and ice cream. They did have red bean and green tea ice cream, two of my favorites, but we ate ice cream at home afterwards.

              There were a couple of service issues. My MIL wanted to order a fruit smoothie sort of thing advertised on the front door, but our waitress was new and didn't know anything about it. I saw tongs on the floor and told a waitress.. still, it was some time before they were picked up. And our waitress balked at our 10% off coupon, saying they weren't accepted on holidays. Didn't say that on the coupon. We went back and forth, she walked away with the coupon. Came back with the 10% discount. Next batch of coupons will probably have "not valid on holidays" printed on them. :)

              Oh, and they ran out of clean plates. Same plate and pattern as Makkoli, and I saw some similar dishes... wonder if they are owned by the same people? I don't think they anticipated the crowds. I came back empty-handed. People were putting sushi in bowls. I went up with my wife's used plate. No one said anything. A worker came out of the kitchen with about 10 clean plates; they were snatched up immediately.

              Next I'd like to try this place for lunch during the week, as the price is only $9.99.