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Decent Chow on 10 between Blythe and Phoenix?

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Driving out to Phoenix on Friday, and will likely stop for lunch sometime after passing Indio, but before hitting Phoenix. Any suggestions? Don't want to go more than a few minutes off the 10. Thanks.

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    1. There's a mexican place on the main drag in Blyth, exterior of the building is brown, haven't been there in years but I remember it being pretty good.

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        That's Los Casitas Dos and it's excellent.

      2. There is a Sizzler, Del Taco, Dairy Queen and a Subway that we have stopped out. There are some truck stops too.

        1. I posted same question a few weeks ago and took the advice and packed a lunch. However if you can snack on the way and get closer to LA... try http://dintaifungusa.com/ which had great dumplings. More info on the California board.

          1. Pack a lunch (get a banh mi from SGV).

            Barring that, you might want to get some that beef jerky that's always being advertised in Quartzsite.