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Dec 31, 2008 01:06 PM

Decent Chow on 10 between Blythe and Phoenix?

Driving out to Phoenix on Friday, and will likely stop for lunch sometime after passing Indio, but before hitting Phoenix. Any suggestions? Don't want to go more than a few minutes off the 10. Thanks.

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    1. There's a mexican place on the main drag in Blyth, exterior of the building is brown, haven't been there in years but I remember it being pretty good.

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        That's Los Casitas Dos and it's excellent.

      2. There is a Sizzler, Del Taco, Dairy Queen and a Subway that we have stopped out. There are some truck stops too.

        1. I posted same question a few weeks ago and took the advice and packed a lunch. However if you can snack on the way and get closer to LA... try which had great dumplings. More info on the California board.

          1. Pack a lunch (get a banh mi from SGV).

            Barring that, you might want to get some that beef jerky that's always being advertised in Quartzsite.