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Dec 31, 2008 01:04 PM

Reviews of Restaurants in St. Albert please...

What places would you recommend to eat in St. Albert? We have our tried and true. For super casual, we like Taco Time, for fancier we like Thai Mekong. We don't like Montana's, Ric's Grill has been so inconsistent, we gave up on it. Saigon is a Vietnamese place in Tudor Glen we just tried and found it very expensive for what we got (Doan's downtown Edmonton is priced the same for twice the amount and quality of food). We won't be returning there. Original Joe's is a favorite for us adults (children are not allowed in). There are two new Chinese buffets in town, Leaf Garden and Wonderland, has anyone tried either? We have tried the Golden Dynasty Buffet on St. Albert Trail and it is just below so-so or they were having a really bad day. Buffets are always a favorite for the kids which is why we'd like to know if one is recommendable. What about delivery? Chinese, pizza, others? Thanks!

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  1. Went to L'Azia on St Albert Trail for Sunday brunch about a month ago (with a one year old). The food was spectacular and well priced. They were pretty busy so we had made a reservation. Service was so so, but I chalked that up to how busy they were.

    1. I like Koto for sushi (north east corner of St. Albert Trail and Hebert Rd. in the mini mall). They close really early though because they won't have defrosted fish served for more than a certain amount of time.

      Thai Mekong is yummy for thai food. We ordered it in for New Years, and the Pad Cashew was gobbled up the fastest, with the Pad Thai coming in second. I don't love their spring rolls, but everything else I have had from there has been very good.

      There is a Haweli Indian ( restaurant that does buffet, and I haven't been to the St. Albert location, but the downtown one is really good.

      If you are feeling fancier, try Riverhouse Grill ( or Cajun House.

      Also, I think the name might be Louisa's? but there is an Italian place downtown that apparently has very good pasta (a little independent place, not Sorentinos). Friends of ours have been and raved.

      1. I have eaten at Cajun House on two occasions in the last 6 months, and really enjoyed both visits. It's been incredibly consistent, and the ingredients are fresh. On my first visit I was puzzled as to why they offered extra sauce as an option: was it because the servings were so small? ...then I tried their sauces. Every one I have had has been creamy, savoury and rich. Nice attention to detail, and I always want more just to enjoy the flavours and texture.

        It seems to me they just try harder with the ingredients they have. The side veggies are taken just as good of care of in the kitchen as their slabs of fish so the meals aren't haphazard or unbalanced in terms of quality, which I often see at restaurants in Alberta. (You know, your steak is great, but the mashed potato side is mixed with boxed potatoes or something equally sad.) It's not super fancy food, nor totally casual, but they just do the best they can with what they have which I appreciate. I would characterize it as southern style comfort food, with excellent seafood and sides, lots of flavour.

        The service is acceptable. Fast, knowledgeable and helpful. Not overly friendly (some might even pass it off as cold, depending on who you get), but I don't go to restaurants to make buddies. Make reservations on busier nights, they seem to be quite busy.

        I would recommend the frogs legs (delicate, light and served guessed it, a great sauce) and the crab cakes (melt in your mouth morsels of the crustacean.) They also do half orders of most of their mains, which is nice if someone is a lighter eater or you are there for lunch.

        1. Ditto for the Cajun House and Haweli's recommendations.
          I've heard the River House Grill is wonderful but haven't been there yet.

          1. Koto is excellent. I've heard really good things about Haweli. I've eaten there once and was very pleased. The River House is very good. I have eaten there a number of times and it is clear that they are trying hard and mostly succeeding. Local ingredients are a nice touch. The Cajun house is somewhat overrated. Solid but not too special.