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Dec 31, 2008 01:00 PM

Favorite restaurants in Elmhurst?

Recently had an excellent Indonesian meal in Elmhurst and was blown away by the array of restaurants out there? Any recommendations for other places? Any and all cuisines are welcome.

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  1. You most likely dined at Minangasli on Whitney Ave. Chao Thai on the same block gets excellent reviews. Nearby is Taste Good Malaysian at 8218 45th Ave which is excellent. Also in the strip mall is PHO Bang Vietnamese and a very good Thai Restaurant called Nusara. I have lunch often at Lao Bei Fang Dumpling House next to Minangasli which has absolutely no atmosphere but great dumplings and hand drawn noodle soups.

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      do you have any rec's for Taste Good? The menu was quite huge and intimidating.

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        Widmark: For appetizers I like Roti Canai, Malaysian Popiah, Malaysain Satay & Crispy Fish Cake (House Special). Other dishes: Singapore Kari Laksa, Tom Yum Mee Hoon (spicy seafood soup with rice noodles is a favorite), Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang. I also like the Seafood Tom Yum Soup similar to Tom Yum Mee Hoon. I would avoid Squid dishes. Yes, the Menu is huge. I've been to Taste Good just 10 times so I'm still discovering. I haven't had many items since I usually go for lunch and dine alone. Next visit I may try the Fish Filette in Black Bean Sauce or ginger & scallion. You can choose from 5 different fishes. I would prefer this than a whole fish not deboned. Pynchoff mentioned Lin's Taiwanese on 8402 Broadway which I plan to visit soon for the first time. It gets outstanding reviews. I read one review by an Asian that highly recommended Bamboo Shoots with Shredded Pork. Last week I went to the fairly new Java Village which is great for a quick lunch since food is already prepared (no table service). I had Rendang over Rice ($4) and 5 pieces of chicken wings ($2.50). The chicken wings are outstanding. I took 10 more home. Java Village is located at 86-10 Justice Ave just before you reach Queens Blvd a few blocks from Whitney Ave. So many fabulous restaurants in this one small area which I can walk to. I may just go today for lunch and it most likely will be Lin's Taiwanese for the pork dish.

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          I've always been curious about Taste Good, and Mike V's post finally pushed me over the edge - we tried it last night. We had a very nice meal there- ordered appetizers of roti canai and Malaysian popiah, and for dinner had the redang beef and fish ball curry noodle. The roti was so soft and pillowy, a perfect bed for the chicken curry... The meat in the beef redang dish was incredibly tender ("love me tender!" as the menu exhorts). The fish ball curry was the warm and steamy bowl of goodness that these cold winter nights require. Everything was incredibly tasty, and the servers and owners were very jovial and friendly. I can't wait to go back and sample more from their extensive menu (although I think mutton rendang is high on my list of dishes to try).

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            The listing for Taste Good on this site shows the hours for Fri-Wed; is it closed Mondays and Tuesdays?

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              Taste Good is closed on Thursday. It's open every other day from 10:30AM to 10:00PM.

      2. I have to go along with Mike on his picks. Also highly recommend Lin's Taiwanese restaurant a few blocks further south on Broadway.

        1. get takeout from Java Village on Justice if you want more Indonesian. And word on the street is, Minangasli is closed; I've eaten a number of times at Mie Jakarta which is also on Whitney but to be honest, I just don't love it, try as I might.

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            Sheesh, Minangasli was JUST mentioned in the Times on Tuesday!