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Dec 31, 2008 12:55 PM

Downtown Louisville Dinner Suggestions

Trying to avoid renting a car, so try to suggest only downtown locations. Been to English Grill and Vinecenzo in the past. Need upscale, with a kitchen that knows their ingredients. One of the diners has a severe tree nut allergy (pistachio,pecan,walnut etc) and we need staff that is preparation savy.

Can you also suggest if there is anywhere downtown to get smoked turkey? A supermarket?

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  1. I would try Proof on Main in the 21c hotel.

    702 W Main St
    Louisville, KY 40202
    (502) 217-6360

    1. Sadly, several of our downtown markets have closed recently. Creation Gardens has been steadily expanding its retail operation in the last year or so.

      1. Jack Fry's at 1007 Bardstown Rd is a little outside the downtown area but worth a short cab ride. First of all, you get a little history - the place has been there since the 1930s. Second, the food is very good. I had the shrimp and grits appetizer which was delicious, and the herb-crusted pork chop main course includes a huge, thick and remarkably tender and flavorful loin chop. I almost always order a steak at a place like this, but the bartender (I was by myself so ate at the bar) said that the pork chop was one of their signature dishes and I should try it. I'm glad I did. I haven't been back to Louisville the last couple of years, but will definitely eat at Jack Fry's again.