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Dec 31, 2008 12:43 PM

Disney - Help!

Howdy Foodies!

Heading to Disney with the Hubby for work - he's working and I get to play! Since I won't have transportation, I will have to stay within the Disney framework. 1. Recs for daytime eats where eating alone won't be uncomfortable nor overly expensive would be greatly appreciated. 2. Evening places to eat that aren't too over the top price-wise would be appreciated (my favorite to date is Jiko - I know it's not cheap - is anything really within Disney?!!). 3. And lastly, is there such a thing as a happy hour with cheap appetizers/drink specials at any restaurants within Disney?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. For daytime, try The Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. The make a good sandwich & I think it's the best food value in all WDW. It's counter service. There's indoor & outdoor tables, the outdoor ones are great for people watching.

    Also in Downtown, we like Raglan Road Pub.

    Dont' know of any happy hours on WDW property.

    Might want to take a look at the website below for menus, prices & reviews...

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      Earl of Sandwich was good - ridiculously crowded though! Raglan Road was the BEST meal we had the whole trip - too bad it was the last meal before the airport. The scallops appetizer was over the moon! And their sign out front advertised a happy hour! Thanks for your recs.

      For unique - Jiko still is amazing. The Ostrich appetizer was WOW - too bad it wasn't available in dinner portions. Brian, the bartender is FANTASTIC. Nothing there is inexpensive, but the atmosphere and some meals are beyond words (on a disappointing note, this time the kalamata flatbread was well, not good - an absolute first in 8 years). BlueZoo at the Dolphin had the yummiest clam flatbreads though.

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        Glad that you enjoyed your trip & meals!

    2. Try "The Big River Brewery and Grill ", at the Boardwalk. It has nice outdoor dining, serving lunch and dinner.
      "Beaches and Cream" at The Yacht & Beach Clubs has great burgers!! They are open 11-11.
      For pasta try 'Spoodles!!' also on The Boardwalk.
      The weather's; going to be fabulous this week

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        Thanks for the suggestions - they sound great! Not headed to town for about a month though - hope that fabulous weather continues! Anyone know of any hotel restaurant/downtown disney happy hours?? I figure with the economy the way it is, maybe even Disney is trying to drum up business!

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          I'd go to and post a query on a board there. Those folks are die-hard Disney fans and know details the rest of us don't--and I wrote a book about Disney World! You might also want to check out Rix Lounge in Disney's Coronado resort. That operates independently and might have a happy hour.

      2. It has been awhile since our visit, but I remember our favorite dinner was at Blue Zoo, Todd English's restaurant. I recall there is a more formal dining room, and a more casual bar or similar alternative to one side. That menu had some tasty flatbreads, fried whole clams, and other items at reasonable prices. Loved the restaurant's decor with the blue glass bubbles hanging everywhere -- worth checking out. (Note -- while it is easily accessible, I recall that Blue Zoo and the other restaurants in that hotel are independent -- you can't charge things on your Disney card. I also recall a Shula 347 Steakhouse across the hallway -- they may very well have a happy hour.)

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          I have to say I was also very pleasantly surprised with Blue Zoo when I went with my family there last year. From the name I thought is was more of a kids place... but it's anything but that. The food and presentation is excellent. Some of the best chow in the area and esp when considering it's within the Disney complex (it is a separate entity though). It was very busy, so if you go I'd make a reservation... unless you plan to eat in the bar area.

        2. I don't believe they have happy hour (2 for 1) and nibblies but Il Mulino in the Swan Hotel has a wonderful bar/lounge area and you can order off the dining room menu from the lounge.
          The Swan is at the end of Disney's Boardwalk area (back gate of Epcot).
          All of Disney Resort lounges have 'generic' menus now with the same drinks and food items. Kind of boring really. Cost cutting I guess.