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What should i do with a hunk of Blue cheese

I bought it, thinking i would put it on a cheese tray.... but i didn't . I'd like to make something with it..

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  1. i did the same too.

    I am going to put them on a burger or a beefy sandwich.
    I may also make a compound butter with some of cheese and spread it on the sandwich
    I will make some soft polenta and put in some of it with cream... yummy...
    and there is always salad dressing or toss in salad...

    i don't like to eat big hunk of the stuff because it is too strong for me but i like the flavor it contributes to different foods.

    1. I saw a great recipe for roasted potatoes, then tossed with blue cheese nad chives - haven't tried it yet though, sounds good.

      I did a really nice bruschetta recently "steak house bruschetta" with blue cheese/mayo/dry mustard/white vinegar base, then diced steak mixed with tomatoe and basil, olive oil - it was really fantastic.

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        thanks for that bruschetta idea! i think i'll do too!!

      2. Blue cheese tastes delicious in a green bean salad with red onion and toasted walnuts and a light vinagrette.

        Also crumbled in pasta with walnuts, mushrooms and tomatoes and then oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum!

        1. My mother used to make somthing called Brooklyn Cheese Puffs. They are similiar to gougeres but made with ricotta and sharp cheddar. Well, I submitted the recipe to Cook's Illustrated for a "Lost Recipes" cookbook they were working on and they put it in the cookbook (the first recipe in the book). Anyway, the Test Kitchen folks suggested substituting other cheeses, like blue cheese, for the cheddar when u wanted to switch things up. They are very easy to whip up and are frozen before baking so you can mix them up and then keep them in a ziploc bag in the freezer for a couple of months for unexpected company. Here's a link to the recipe:


          Substitute a 1/2 cup blue cheese for the 3/4 cup sharp cheddar.

          1. Shmear some of it on a just-grilled steak, let it melt down a bit, and enjoy.

            And another good salad with bleu cheese -- put a sliced (ripe) pear on mixed greens of your choice, sprinkle with crumbled bleu cheese (and walnuts if you like). The sweetness of the pear makes a really nice contrast to the salty/sharp goodness of the cheese.

            1. A favourite of mine -- rich but delicious -- is to melt with table or whipping cream to make a sauce for gnocchi (if you can find a good quality frozen brand, this makes life a lot easier). I like to slice just a bit of prosciutto and finish with some fresh basil and chives, but you certainly don't have to. The key is to give a really small portion (I usually use as a first course) so you leave 'em slightly less guilty than they should feel and wanting more. I like to serve slices of steak with a tomato, red onion, watercress or arugula salad as a second course with a dressing containing walnut oil. People seem to love the whole idea of those deconstucted walnuts, blue cheese, steak thing.

              1. Like √Čtoiles, I'd go for a walnut and blue cheese pasta sauce! Or as a topping for a steak.

                1. Cauliflower soup: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4450...

                  Calls for Stilton, but you can use any blue cheese.

                  1. Giada has a recipe from her show "Giada at home" (the spa at home episode) where she bakes it with some bread crumbs, garlic, and olive oil into a scooped out roma tomato half. Sounded delicious except for the bleu cheese part. ;D I don't like bleu cheese, but I plan on doing that with some goat cheese or something like that.

                    She used gorgonzola.

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                      Morganna, I found a recipe on The Pioneer Woman's blog for stuffed roma tomatoes (pointed there by a few 'hounds). It was ridiculously easy and amazingly delicious. They stuffed them with ricotta cheese, fresh basil and parsley and topped them w/ bread crumbs (well, I used bread crumbs, they used pulverized ritz crackers) and roasted them. Here's a link:


                    2. If you ever make home made mac and cheese, melt a little bit into your sauce.
                      Or make a pizza with blue cheese, pears and some corsely cracked black pepper for a special treat

                      1. I oven broiled some steaks topped with pear & apple slices, and crumbled blue cheese. Apples and pears went on early to allow them to caramelize, and the blue cheese was right at the end... just enough time to bet melty and bubbly.... mmmmmmm.

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                          mmm... you and I would get along just fine!

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                            If you dont mind the instant heart attack - a local BBQ place used to mix blue cheese with butter, smear it on to both halves of a nice flakey bauget, put a 1/2" slab of prime rib between them with onions that had been soaking in a pot of spicy bbq sauce.....

                            It was a little slice of heaven! Just don't tell the doctor.... lol.

                        2. I make a lovely spinach salad w/ crumbled bleu cheese, dried cranberries or fresh blueberries, pine nuts or slivered almonds and vinaigrette.

                          1. Last night I made an arugula salad with a bleu cheese vinaigrette. Tonight I will melt some on filet mignon and also incorporate it into grits served alongside.

                            1. Butternut Squash Onions and apples roasted topped at the few minutes with the blue cheese or a pizza with pears caramelized red onions and blue cheese are two of my favorites.

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                                The butternut squash an apples sounds yummy. I've always loved the pears, carmelized onions and blue chs pizza too.

                              2. A traditional Christmas dish at our house is 'NumNum Noodles' made with egg noodles, roux, cream or milk, and blue cheese. It's rich, creamy and perfect for the traditional prime rib.

                                1. Many good suggestions here! Another cold weather favorite in our household is polenta with mushrooms and blue cheese or gorgonzola-- just make up a big pot of polenta (maybe flavored with thyme or sage) and toss quartered mushrooms and onions (maybe some garlic) with oil and roast them. Dollop some polenta in a bowl, spoon on some mushrooms, and a generous helping of blue cheese (or gorgonzola).

                                  I also second the rec for adding some to mac and cheese--a recent Gourmet had a recipe for mac and cheese with shallots that was quite good. The sauce itself just has "regular" cheese (it calls for cheddar, I mixed cheddar and fontina) but it calls for crumbling some goat cheese over the top before baking, for which we used blue cheese instead. I like this better than mixing the stronger cheese in with the sauce, since i find that it gets "lost" a bit.

                                  1. I've also found myself with a large chunk of Point Reyes Blue in the fridge. Last night I had a good slice on a hamburger, and we're planning on adding some to pasta in the next couple of days.

                                    1. great with burger, steak or salad. I love it drizzled with a bit of honey and served with toast points or crackers.

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                                        Another lovely thing to do with blue cheeses is to use them in a salad with wee du Puy lentils, and some of the vegetables mentioned above. If you are using arugula or spinach, just mix in what you'll be eating, though you can make up a fair bit of blue cheese, du Puy (or other small) lentils, onions etc.

                                        What Blue is it? Most of the Danish Blues are rather harsh, but Roquefort, Stilton and Gorgonzola are fine on the cheese plate.

                                      2. I keep a wedge around to crumble onto salads, sometimes mixing it with crumbly Mexican Queso Fresco. Lovely with just a plain vinaigrette, and maybe some walnuts. There used to be a restaurant in Nashville whose signature dressing was a blue cheese with oil and vinegar - one of the first places I ever went to just for the salad.

                                        1. I love to mix crumbles into mashed potatoes. Yum! And into soft, creamy polenta - topped with cubes of roasted butternut squash.

                                          1. Here is a cheese spread that is always a huge hit! I toast the pecans and stir them in with everything else.