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Dec 31, 2008 10:40 AM

Where are you eating for NYE?

Or, where did you eat, if you're reading this after tonight?

As for myself, we have reservations at Mémé, and are splurging on the whole lobe of foie gras special. I'm a tiny bit worried about burning out on it after this meal, since it's only the two of us sharing it. I haven't seen anywhere what their prix fixe menu will be exactly--just that they will be roasting lamb or goat. And I haven't purchased our wine yet. I'm hoping that the state store I'm headed to really does have Gruet Blanc de Noirs in stock, like the PLCB site says they do; and I'm going to wing it on the red (a Syrah, most likely).

The mysteries of the coming evening are very exciting indeed.

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  1. Two of you are going to eat an entire lobe of foie?!

    My hat is off to you!

    I couldn't make plans until today due to the possibility of a visiting friend, but Meme was our choice. Please report back on the meal, either in this thread or the meme thread.

    cheers and happy new year!

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      on my way to a friend's house we stopped by king of tandoor... what a pretty dining room! service is friendly tho they tried a few upsells. oddly the meal wasn't as stunning as the dinner we had delivered to my friend's house a month or so ago... last night's entree was a little sweeter, and a little less spicy. i had the ponir makhani (which is no surprise, that's always what i order at any indian place i visit!). got a chat appetizer which oddly came with shredded lettuce pieces which didn't really add anything to the dish. would have preferred potatoes or more crispy wafers. the prices here are pretty good, and all in all it was a good meal. just not the mind-blowing experience we had last month. i still wish they delivered east of broad. :(

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        We didn't do the whole lobe after all--it was decided that it would be a bad idea.

        However, Chef Katz was kind enough to make us a lovely foie gras dish for two. So, the menu was for us, if I remember everything correctly: pear/roquefort/frisee salad, and raw salmon; rare scallops with sweet onions, and sweetbreads (even better than Ansill's version, I thought); the heavenly foie gras, with tiny lentils and fuji apple; smoky roasted goat, and spiced lamb tenderloin; ending with espresso pot de creme, and a very rich chocolate (ganache?) cake a la mode.

        Hopefully, there will be more accounts of New Year's meals from everyone--maybe this thread could give fellow chowhounds lots of good ideas for future NYE eats...

      2. We had bean soup for lunch for good luck.

        For dinner: Prosecco. Steak with fake Cabrales sauce (I used another bleu cheese, not Cabrales). Roasted red potatoes with olive oil, s/p. Chard steamed and tossed with garlic, olive oil, s/p.

        For dessert, this apple cake (see link).

        My changes to the recipe: half whole wheat flour, a less-refined sugar (the browner kind), omitted the meringue (it's good, but I was in a hurry), ran out of vanilla extract so I used rum + vanilla pod scrapings. Very good recipe; I make it all the time.


        1. We had another couple over and we cooked and ate for about 3 hr. I can't remember all of the courses, but we started with assorted salumi that another friend had brought back from Mario Batali's father's shop in Seattle, then foie gras terrine and chicken liver pate on my husband's homemade bread. Munched on parmesan-rosemary shortbread and Jose Andres' marinated olives throughout. Lobster burgers a la Michel Richard. Shrimp Einstein ditto (shrimp wrapped in shredded carrots and fried to look like Einstein's hair). Steak tartare with classic accompaniments. Venison (actually fawn meat) marinated in scotch and soy and grilled. Assorted cheeses at some point. Fruit salad. Finished with assorted Christmas cookies, truffles, and chocolate-dipped candied grapefruit peel (all made a la maison). Our guests make their own goose confit, but we skipped that course because we were too full. Libations included a Montbaizillac with the foie, Chablis with the lobster, etc, and Scotch at the end. Spectacular evening.

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            OK, at the risk of getting a slap on the wrist by the chowhound team, i HAVE to know - what is a lobster burger? sounds like everyone ate fabulously this year!

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              I also wondered about that - here's a link to what I found: