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Dec 31, 2008 10:10 AM

Tried Crust in Bloomfield, MI

Hey! Another winner!

My friend and I tried this place for the first time last night, and we liked it. The service was absolutely fantastic, and it's a cool little spot. Prices were reasonable, especially with the B1G1 at 50% off coupon we had.

My friend ordered the pancetta pie, and I had the Thai pie. Of the two, the clear winner was the pancetta. She liked hers better than I did mine, and she liked hers better than the bite of mine she had. I guess the provolone in the mix of the Thai pie was too much for me, but I was willing to take the loss. I've always liked Thai chicken pizza when I've had it before, so this was just a particular one that didn't do anything for me.

Our server, Emily, noticed that I wasn't crazy about it, and asked if there was anything else she could bring me to replace it. I didn't want her to do that (the customer has some responsibility, you know), but she insisted and I ended up having some decent mushroom soup instead. Not only that, but she gave us the discount on the soup *after* comping the Thai pie! We were really thankful and impressed. We'd have been happy to pay for what we ordered, but they were extremely forgiving and accomodating. Emily got a *very* healthy tip.

So, yeah! Crust is good! It was rather loud, but not terribly so (no crappy music playing over everyone's voices), and it's a nice place, run well, with good food. We'll go back, and I'll obviously stay away from the Thai pie, but they've earned at least one return visit. Got to reward those who care, dontchaknow!

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  1. Sounds like one to add to the list. Where is it in Bloomfield?

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    1. re: archfan

      Maple Road and Telegraph Road. It's in the same plaza as Kroger, but several storefronts down. Lots of parking.

      1. re: archfan

        Strip mall on the SW corner ... same one as Andiamo ... kind'a out Andiamo's
        backdoor ... between Steve's Deli and Ace Hardware.

      2. The original Crust on Rochester Rd. is really good, too. I love their dessert samplers just the right size for a few bites of something sweet.

        1. RIP ...

          The BH loc has closed. Based on the website the Roc location survives.