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Dec 31, 2008 10:03 AM

Venitian Grill / Central Pizza, Somerville, NJ - Good Times

We discovered the Venitian Grill / Central Pizza early in 2008 and have been returning customers ever since. We usually sit on the Central Pizza side (we have a toddler and it is easier to eat without a table cloth). The pizza there is excellent. The crust is not too thick and the sauce reminds me of my grandmother's. We love the spinach pizza and the buffalo chicken pizza.

The Venitian Grill side is also excellent. They have the traditional Italian dinners and several specials. We've tried just about everything and especially love the potatoes - my husband calls them 'infidelity potatoes'. As he puts it, 'So good, they make me want to leave my wife and marry the cook!"

The steaks are always tender and cooked to perfection, the chicken is moist and my daughter loves it! The cook has also ventured into some fun desserts with Zeppolle (spelling?). Wow, these are wonderful and bring me back to my childhood.

Central Pizza ia always hopping on the weekends and does a huge take-out business. The Venitian usually has seats available, so it is easy to walk in and get good food for a good price.

We had our daughter's 1st birthday there the day after Christmas and we had a wonderful time. The service was great and the food outstanding. There were smiles and stuffed bellies by the end of the party.

Good food, fun family atmosphere, and good prices!

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  1. I had an entirely different experience at Venetian Grill. This was also at least a year ago, but we won't be going back so I don't have a more recent experience to offer. I also want to preface my comments with the fact that I was part of a large group but reservations were made for this group well in advance and yet the restaurant was entirely unprepared for us. To make a long story short, the service was horrible - I said to my husband that it would be a miracle if any of us received what we ordered after witnessing the hopelessly bumbling server attempt to take our orders. Besides the fact that our food took forever to come out - and I'll bet you guessed this already - almost no one received the correct order. When I finally did get the food I ordered - which was a chicken dish - the chicken was so dried out I could have worn it out of the restaurant as a shoe. I can't remember at this late date what my husband and son ordered, but I do remember they were none too pleased with their food either. All in all a singularly unpleasant experience, and not one I would care to repeat.

    1. Central Pizza Somerville brings back memories. It's like one of the longest running pizzeria in the area (I think only Mr Assante out on Route 22 is older). When I lived in Somerville back in '67-'68 it was my go-to place. My father, who made pizza in a Newark pizzeria during the 1940s, declared it good and we always got pizza there when he visited Somerville. I glad to hear the place is still doing well. Gotta make time in oh-nine to re-visit.