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Dec 31, 2008 09:03 AM

Famous Wine Shop in Bologna?

Hi. Does anyone know the famous wine shop in Bologna that apparently can't be missed? I think it also doubles as a wine bar? On another note, does 3 nights in Bologna sound like too much? Probably not considering all the great food I'm hearing about. Would it be too ambitious to do one night in Bologna and two in Florence instead?

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  1. The shop is Enoteca Italiana, I am in Bologna now and was there yesterday, and can vouch that it is a very nice and atmospheric shop with a good selection at surprisingly low pricing, if you know your wines. They also have a good selection of gourmet food items and a coffee/wine bar at the front. Located on Via Marsala at Via Malcontenti.

    1. Just to mention that you might want to try some of the artisanal liquors in this region.

      We got fairly hooked on nocino, made from green walnuts - they are pretty hard to find in the US, easy in Emilia-Romagna.

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        Green walnuts are available through the internet. The green walnuts will be picked about June, that's when you can order. Otherwise there left on the tree to ripen.
        A brand called Nocello is a imported walnut liqour you can buy here from that region , if you didn't have this brand but homemade in Bollgna. It can be found in larger US cities, or again, the internet.

      2. Bologna and Florence are entirely different cities. If you go to Enoteca Italiana you should also visit the Bologna market which is several blocks away (Via Independenzia empties into the square which the market area is behind). This is a great market to explore. My post about "A Bologna cheese shop:" http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/289941
        I would also point out that Bologna is less expensive than Florence and much less touristy.