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Dec 31, 2008 08:46 AM

Beard Papa, Oxford Street, London

A branch of the global Japanese cream puff/profiterole chain.

The shells of freshly baked profiteroles serve as a good example that many patisseries could aspire to - warm, a brittle crunchy surface, and just beneath that, a wisp of soft pastry.

The vanilla filling however, is below par - it has the usual runny consistency, but is a little powdery, and the vanilla flavour is weaker than other branches (e.g. Boston, Singapore) - possibly because they aren't using vanilla beans (I didn't notice the black specks of the bean).

Noticed that they have other flavours of filling depending on the day - berry, coffee, matcha.

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  1. I've walked past this a few times but I've never bought anything - mainly to do with the cost - they seem rather expensive, although I was keen to try one of their green tea ones. Im not sure if they could compare with a cupcake though!

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    1. re: iheartcupcakes

      I've also walked past this many times and have always hurried past as the sickly sweet smell makes me feel ill everytime! I'm quite amazed a place like this can sustain business - surely it's a bit gimmicky and hardly a place you would frequent?

      1. re: pj26

        Its no different then a Cinnabon or a Krispy Kreme which are both hugely successful global chains selling sickly sweet treats (which I do crave and indulge from time to time).

        I discovered Papa's in Tokyo and have frequented ones in NYC. Glad to have one in London as I'm a huge cream puff fan - though my mother's custard puffs are the best, ofcourse, and are the basis for my infatuation with cream puffs and other custard/cream pastries.


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          True - I suppose whenever I have walked past (nearly every lunch time for the past year) there is hardly anyone in there.

    2. One of these has recently opened in Leicester so I will have to check it out.

      1. I LOVE Beard Papa---the shells are amazing, but yes the vanilla is a little weak, but still the best flavour of the other kinds. I'm happy to see it here!

        1. The one in Bluewater has gone bust already and the UK website has been pulled, I guess we don't need such luxurious dessert now that £1 Arctic Roll has made a welcome return.

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            The one in Leicester has closed too. It was in an area with quite a few new eateries so it had a lot of competition e.g. Carluccio's and never seemed to get very busy. One issue in the UK might have been the mismatch between the branding, with the nautical looking gentelman on the logo (like Captain Birds Eye) I initially thought that it must be a fish restaurant so I was surprised that it sold cakes. I found the chocolate fondant very nice but the basic cream puffs were not sufficiently tasty to warrant repeat custom. The custard filling was the let down.