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Dec 31, 2008 08:04 AM

Texas Style Brisket in electric oven????

Along with the brisket I do have dried chiles ( both hot and sweet),Wrights Liquid Smoke.Trader Joe's BBQ Sauce.etc .NOW WHAT???? Its been requested for New years Day !!!!!

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  1. Cooks country has a recipe for braised brisket. I haven't tried it, but their recipes are generally very good. and do a search on brisket. Not sure if it's a freebie or not.

    1. I think you are better off with a crock pot than an electric oven. Brisket needs to be cooked low and slow.

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        You can get the 'low and slow' outcome with a braise in a relatively low oven. Much like a pot roast. After browning, add braising liquid and veggies and braise at 300 for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

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          I have done crockpot brisket.... flavor is not as good as BBQ, but the convenience is handy... to quote Ron Poppiel "set it and forget it!". I usually stick it in for a 6 to 8 hr. run, just make sure to trim as much fat off as you can before cooking.

        2. Homesick Texan recently posted an oven brisket recipe. I haven't tries it out yet, but as another Texas transplant I'm usually pretty pleased with her stuff.

          1. The typical temperature for brisket in a smoker is 225* with an average time frame of 1.5 hrs/lb.

            You can certainly cook it at a higher temperature and shorten the cooking time. Like any other type of low temp braising you want to go slow allowing the meat to slowly come up to temp, reaching the point where the collagen breaks down and don't over cook.

            The plateau or stall is when you are at around 150-160 degrees internal. The temperature will plateau or stall for hours until the collagen has broken down and then the temp will rise. Meat is done at aournd 190-205*

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              I don't know why exactly, but I prefer the oven braise over the slow cooker/crockpot. Important steps are the initial sear to develop caramelization and flavor texture complexity, and long slow cooking up past 190 close to 200 to convert the tough connective tissue into succulent collagen.

            2. Please understand that Texas-style brisket is dry-smoked, low and slow, for 10-12 hours. Classic BBQ. All of the oven or crockpot ideas and techniques discussed so far can yield a delicious product if cooked long enough, but we are talking about a Jewish/Eastern European type of braised dish, where much of the flavor will be in the gravy or cooking liquid that develops as the roast cooks. I love both. But they are very different. Texas BBQ is about the smoke, the long cooking, perhaps a spice rub, and intense simple beefiness. Jewish braised brisket is about tenderness, tons of onions, carrots, celery and garlic in the broth, and served with mashed potatoes for the gravy and vegies.

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                Nosh is right. Texas Brisket is "classic Q" which is essentially smoking the meat at low temp.

                Any kind of braise is going to be too wet. You can certainly get 200F in most ovens. If you tented your brisket on a roasting pan with drip space below, and put damp woodchips in there to smoke, you'd have the oven equivalent of one of those "stovetop smokers" that *might* do the trick. Problem is the smoke will probably have you evacuating your home inside an hour...