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Dec 31, 2008 08:03 AM

pizza stone rec's please

I cannot find a 14 x 17 approx pizza stone around my area. have heard that the old stone brand is good and the new mario batali ? brand name is good.

where to buy online with the best price?

do the square stones come with handles?


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    I've got the rectangular one. Works much, much better than the ones made from fibrament.
    No handles.

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    1. re: dscheidt

      thanks ! what is cordierite - the material that it is made from? are all pizza stones made of this material?

      thanks in advance

      1. re: defboater

        Cordierite is a refractory material. It's used, besides for good pizza stones, to line kilns and in catalytic converters. It's also pretty common in commercial ovens. It's got a low rate of heat transfer, and very high heat capacity. It heats up (and cools down) slowly, and holds lots of heat. That allows the crust to cook at the same rate as the top of the pizza. I find that Fibrament (which is the other common material that pizza stones are made from) cooks the crust much too fast, and the crust is done before the rest of the pie.

      2. re: dscheidt

        I assume that you have some experience using a Fibrament stone. Could you elaborate on the "Works much, much better than the ones made from fibrament" statement.

        A good discussion of this subject here.

        1. re: grampart

          I had one for several years. It doesn't bounce well.....
          I like the cordierite one better; I had problems with the fibrament stones burning the crusts, before the cheese was browned.

        2. re: dscheidt

          Can a cordierite stone be put through a gas oven's self-cleaning cycle? I use that for my quarry tiles occasionally (when spills start setting off the smoke alarm). I've read that such cleaning is discouraged for fibrament.

        3. thanks for all your advice and to the moderators and to CHOWHOUND!