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Dec 31, 2008 08:00 AM

Help to make dessert with what we have

Okay -- so having a few friends over for New Years (6) and we have ingredients for main but nothing for dessert. No eggs is the biggest challenge. Would like to make something with what we have (doesn't have to use everything) any suggestions welcome:

This is what we've got -- frozen pie crusts, filo dough, walnuts, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, pistachios, milk, homemade chocolate ice cream (2 cups), marmalade, raspberry jam, 2 dozen or more home-made macaroons, cup or so dried coconut, grand marinier, rum brandy, cognac, flour, butter, cocoa powder, sugar (brown, white, confectioners), honey, frozen strawberries and blueberries (both TJ's not sure how good), peanut butter, marshmallows, clementines, lemons and a few apples, almond extract, orange flower water, vanilla extract, saffron, bunch of spices...

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  1. ok, this is a little rough here, but it's an idea:
    - toast walnuts & chop roughly to make them chunky
    - toast coconut
    - mix toasted walnuts & coconut together with a little softened butter and a little sugar, add chocolate chips
    - cut phyllo into strips about 3 inches wide
    - roll walnut/coconut/chocolate mixture into phyllo triangles, brushing phyllo with melted butter, finishing with a brush of butter and a sprinkle of white sugar
    - bake until golden brown
    - meanwhile, combine frozen berries with a little grand marnier and some sugar, reduce to a sauce
    - serve triangles with sauce

    alternately (this just occurred to me while reading your post over), you could do something similar with the dried cranberries and pistachios as a filling, and serve with your ice cream.

    the berry sauce is what I'm least sure about, to be honest...I like the idea of fruit, but I wonder if a chocolate sauce would be more appropriate.
    good luck! happy new year!

    1. I think you could make some great phyllo "Napoleans" with any number of combinations of the ingredients you have on hand. If you'd rather do something a little less time intensive, you could do little turnovers or dessert empanadas.

      Cranberries, chocolate and the pistachios or walnuts would make a good filling, or the pistachios, coconut and marmalade.

      You could roll ice cream balls in the cocoa powder and coconut and top them with a little sauce made from the raspberry jam and brandy. Serve with your maracoons, toasted, and or "Reese's fingers"--make a simple peanut butter cookie in stick form and dip them in the melted chocolate chips.

      Another use for the chocolate chips would be to make some kind of bark, to break and serve with the ice cream. You have a number of ingredients that you could use for the bark.

      The only thing I would probably stay away from, for company, would be the strawberries and blueberries, if you're not sure whether they're still good enough.

      1. I suggest a baklava-type dessert. Chop the walnuts (add some choc. chips and dried fruit if you want) and layer filo sheets with melted butter and a sprinkling of your nut mix. When you're done with the filling, roll the whole thing up and cut into slices. Lay the slices in a baking pan and spoon over some honey melted with a litte butter. Bake at 350 until golden and bubbly. Let them cool in the pan and they'll soak up the honey mixture. Serve with chocolate ice cream if you want!

        1. Great suggestions. Thx! Unfortunately Mr. BB turns out to not be a big fan of baklava (who knew) -- liking the idea of ice cream balls with raspberry brandy sauce.

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            you could make peanut butter and chocolate fudge with what you have, too, I think. Alton Brown has 2 really good, easy recipies. And maybe chocolate dipped macaroons and just put out a plate of "little bites". You could also make a pistachio shortbread - that would be good!

          2. doesn't biscotti work without eggs, chocolate chips, pistachios and cranberries - yum!

            Do you have corn syrup? Pistachio Toffee would be nice too.