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Dec 31, 2008 07:32 AM

Group of 15, somewhat private setting!

I am looking for a restaurant the requirements are:
- Enough room for a group of about 15. Something spacious or with a private room.
- Reasonable prices.
- Right off the subway line or in the queen, dundas, younge, bloor area.

We usually go to Sweet Lulu on Queen but are looking for somewhere new! (They have an upstairs which is very private.)

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  1. Oh and thank you very much in advance. ;)

    1. Quince restaurant on Yonge street south of Eglington has a great private area. It is only a few blocks from Eglington station. Their food is great and reasonably priced.

      1. a little pricier than Sweet Lulu but if you think you might enjoy a bistro style resto, Superior on Yonge near Dundas has a private area or room upstairs. -

        1. Wow! Both suggestions look amazing. I've pitched them both to the group I hope they like them!

          Thank you and I am still always open to more suggestions!

          1. "The Chef's House", the new restaurant at George Brown, apparently has a private room for 16 people. Their website says they will customize the food for you or even do a theme dinner. I'm waiting for an opportunity to try it!
            Another thought is Czehoski. Their upstairs isn't much bigger than that, you could check if they would let you bookout the entire upstairs for your group. Might cost a bit more, but it's not that expensive a place.