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Dec 31, 2008 07:23 AM

Tell me more about the "bagel" setting in your toaster

We've had a toaster for a few years that work quite well except for its "bagel" setting. It just doesn't seem to do anything different than the regular toast setting. A bagel would come out of our toaster being toasted on both sides with the bagel setting. But I love a perfectly toasted bagel - nicely toasted on the cut side but leaving the outside warm and soft.

So please tell me more about the bagel setting in the toaster you own (brand/model).... does it toast two sides or one side only? does it work well or is it just an useless feature to charge more? I am in the market for a toaster that can toast well and toast bagel beautifully.

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  1. The Breville Die Cast Toaster works like a dream…in bagel mode it toasts the cut surface of the bagel perfectly, while just warming the crust. We love this toaster and use it almost daily for normal toast as well as bagels!

    1. Basically it turns off the "bottom" heating element. I never use that function because I like my bagels toasted on both sides.

      1. Hah! I'd love the bagel setting on your toaster since I like both sides toasted. My DeLonghi 2-slice toaster is useless to me for bagels for the same reason you'd love it!

        1. I had an el-cheapo toaster with a bagel setting that did nothing more than widen or contract the wire screens that hold the item to be toasted centrally between the heating elements. It had nothing to do with the heat.

          1. Our GE toaster's "bagel" setting reduces the heat to the outside of the bagel, only warming that side. If you look into our toaster with that setting selected you can easily see that the heating coils are darker/colder on the outside coils.