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Dec 31, 2008 07:20 AM

Your 2008 Best Meal Wash DC /B.More Area


The Mussels Provencale @ Granville More
- plump mussels
- great broth
- yummy buffalo sausage

Along with great fries and horsey sauce, probably my best meal this year.

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    1. Tasting menus at:

      1) Le Paradou
      2) Marcel's
      3) Cityzen
      4) 2941

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      1. Couldn't pick just one. Three were exquisite and memorable, each in their own way. All were tasting menus.


        1. I can tell you what wasn't.....
          1. Cafe Mozu
          2. The Source
          3. Mrs. K's Toll House

              1. re: mordacity

                Since mine was recent, I'd have to pile on with Ray's Hell as well.

                I'd also have to say one of the multiple trips to HKP.

                On the higher end, I'd have to put Lightfoot on the list.

                Big miss of the year was Jackson's.

                1. re: Dennis S

                  Add me to the Ray's Hell Burger fan club. Otherwise this year had a whole lotta pretty good, nothing memorable.