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Your 2008 Best Meal Wash DC /B.More Area


The Mussels Provencale @ Granville More
- plump mussels
- great broth
- yummy buffalo sausage

Along with great fries and horsey sauce, probably my best meal this year.

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    1. Tasting menus at:

      1) Le Paradou
      2) Marcel's
      3) Cityzen
      4) 2941

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      1. Couldn't pick just one. Three were exquisite and memorable, each in their own way. All were tasting menus.


        1. I can tell you what wasn't.....
          1. Cafe Mozu
          2. The Source
          3. Mrs. K's Toll House

              1. re: mordacity

                Since mine was recent, I'd have to pile on with Ray's Hell as well.

                I'd also have to say one of the multiple trips to HKP.

                On the higher end, I'd have to put Lightfoot on the list.

                Big miss of the year was Jackson's.

                1. re: Dennis S

                  Add me to the Ray's Hell Burger fan club. Otherwise this year had a whole lotta pretty good, nothing memorable.

            1. I took my kids to Oohs and Aahs and had my two favorites plus a new discovery:
              Grilled Shrimp
              Lemon Pepper Wings
              Broiled Crabcake

              The crabcake was the discovery; it took a VERY long time to cook and came out golden and crusty and spicy and juicy. A revelation.

              1. Good to know, West Indian Archie- This place has been on my radar lately, and will probably try it for the first time in a couple weeks. Anything else you reccomend there?

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                1. re: chicken kabob

                  I've had 3 samplings of the mussels and the bison burger. Stick with the mussels.

                  I think Brasserie Beck has good Mussels as well, but I can't personally confirm.

                  1. re: WestIndianArchie

                    The mussels were disappointing when we were there.

                    The beer list, however, is well rounded.

                2. Definitely Komi, followed by Restaurant Eve.

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                  1. re: Ericandblueboy

                    I would agree definitely Komi. (Restaurant Eve, although good, was somehow not up to my expectations.)

                  2. It's a toss up between Corduroy (best...scallops....EVER!) and Central (our meal was so indulgent, fun, and new). Despite the economy, this has been a great year of eating.

                    1. I can't really name any amazing meals I had this year, but I went to Matchbox for the first time this summer. I'm becoming addicted to their mini burgers.

                        1. roasted pork loin and butternut squash risotto at proof. just thinking about it sets my stomach ablaze, hahahah

                          1. Kind of a random collection of things, but: the Crabcake appetizer at Equinox...the mini pot roast at Firefly...and chicken fajitas and margaritas at Alero (Dupont location only).

                            My biggest dining disappointment was 1789.

                            1. I've enjoyed some of the newer places, Central's food is great, if not a bit hyped, and I finally made it up to Palena for a special meal (service was sub-par), but for my money, my favorite place to have dinner is Ray's the Steaks. I know he's expanded, with the burger joint and the companion restaurant in MD, but he hasn't lost the original mojo of Ray's the Steaks. Going in on a Sunday night for the three-course, fixed price menu is my favorite new tradition that my gal and I cemented in 2008.

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                                Personally, I found the service @ Ray's Hell and Ray's the Steaks to be "gruff" to say the least. It's not outright hostile like some places in DC, but i've been to his establishments 4 times in the past 1.5 years, and as much as I like the food, i'm not running back.

                              2. palena tasting menu - or anything else chef ruta cooks
                                brasserie beck - lambic braised rabbit

                                1. Aside from Adour, which was very good but not great, I didn't hit too many of the biggies this year (perhaps it was the twin boys born in November of 2007). Had some great casual meals at some of my favorites:

                                  Kotobuki on a cold night. Our first out without the kids since bringing the boys home. Eel Kamemeshi, sake, and moochi. Glad we waited.

                                  My first meal at Black Salt. Addie's mussels are awesome. Followed by brunch at Black Salt. Their scones and sticky buns are the best in town.

                                  My second burger at Ray's Hell burger. The first was underdone. The second was perfect.

                                  And I found my number one remedy for a cold: Ma Po Tofu at Joe's Noodle House with a scallion pancake.

                                  1. My first visit to 2 Amy's. A margherita with mushrooms. Simple, exquisite and unforgettable.

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                                    1. re: Meg

                                      Ooh, I forgot all about my first 2 Amy's experience. That's 1.B.

                                      1. re: WestIndianArchie

                                        I was so in love I went back the next day, and I live 30 minutes away ; )

                                    2. Nava Thai: crispy pork with chinese brocolli

                                      Restaurant Eve: mushroom veloute and crab cake salad

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                                        Obelisk - Just all around a great experience. The meal is advertised as a three-course affair, but with the host of pre-appetizer courses, and a pre-dessert cheese course, Obelisk offers a seemingly endless array of delicious food. I would recommend a few dishes, but the menu changes nightly.

                                        2941 - I can still taste the green lentils and bacon vinaigrette that served as bed for a perfectly cooked piece of swordfish. The foie gras with apricot reduction was a mighty fine appetizer too.