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Dec 31, 2008 07:15 AM

Help! Last Minute Baby Sitter - Where to go?

Happy New Year fellow hounds

The wife and I have a last minute Babysitting offer. I attempted a reservation at Darly's wine bar, still waiting to hear back but open table says there is no availibility. I tried getting into Drew's tonight but they are all booked up.

I secured a spot at Zen in Marlboro, but that is more a security balanket in case we can't get in anywhwere.

Any suggestions? The theme is Married couple with 2 little onses who seldom get out. Any cusine, just really good chow and hopefully good Ambiance.

I am at Route 9 and Route 18, will travel a 1/2 hour.

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  1. I just read that Stage Left and Catherine Lombardi and also Frog and Peach may still have some early openings. May want to try one of those places.

    1. Hey, angelo,

      Throw away that "security blanket" and call Steakhouse 85 asap!

      My review:

      P.S. We've been back for a second dinner, and we're still huge fans!

      P.P.S. bgut1 recently had an extremely poor experience at Stage Left, so "caveat emptor"!

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      1. re: RGR

        As trivial as this may seem, the anchovie on the ceasar salad sealed the deal for me. Reservation secured. Thanks RGR.

        Have a happy New Year everyone.

        1. re: angelo04


          When it comes to Caesar salad, anchovies are definitely *not* trivial! :-)) If you want more of them, ask and I can't imagine they'll turn you down.

          Btw, HillJ and her DH are going to be there, so maybe you can find each other.

          I hope you and Mrs. angelo have a great time! Happy New Year!

          1. re: RGR

            Oh Great. It is alwyas nice to meet a chowhound in person. I am soooo looking forward to this meal. The first time in a long time where we can sit at the table just the 2 of us and read the menu as opposed to making efficent use of our time by knowing what we are ordering right when we sit down so that the children don't get stir crazy waiting.

            Thanks again.

      2. You might try The Belford Bistro to see what they are doing tonight. About the same distance as Drews and very good food. BYO. 732-495-8151.
        Website includes a Chowhound thread.

        1. This is a longshot, but I think I remember you taking your wife to Shipwreck Grill for her b-day. oops...just read only want to travel 30 minutes..scracth that! sorry!!

          My neighbors wanted us to join them for dinner at That's Amore. Not the top of my list, but just an idea.

          If not, come on over our place!!! :)

          Happy New Year to everyone! :)

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          1. re: Angelina

            Oh, Angelina, not That's Amore?! Your neighbors should know you better than that!! lol I certainly wouldn't recommend it to angelo since he specifically said "good chow." :-))

            1. re: RGR

              HA HA RGR! I know you are so right! As you know, there is ziltch by all of us! That's Amore came to mind when my neighbors suggested it. Needless to say, I did not fall victim to that place! (Thank God!)

              Happy New year R!

              1. re: Angelina

                Happy New Year, Angelina!

                We did try That's Amore, but only because the owner is related to someone I know. Although my instincts told me it would be "the usual," i.e., mediocre at best, I hoped it might turn out differently. Sadly, my instincts were correct.

          2. As usual RGR comes through with a solid rec. See the details on the steakhouse 85 thread


            So far RGR, you are responsible for sending us to, Sam Vera, The West Bak Cafe, and now Steakhouse 85. There are at least 2 others that fail my memory now. Thanks for all your help.

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            1. re: angelo04


              You're so kind! I really appreciate the kudos. :-) It is nice to know that I've been able to help a fellow Hound have some positive dining experiences. That is, after all, what we're all about here. I've read your excellent review on the Steakhouse 85 thread. Glad you and Mrs. angelo had a terrific time. I will do my best to keep up the track record in '09.

              1. re: RGR

                Oh and of course Drew's, that was one I forgot to credit you with too.

                1. re: angelo04


                  Though I was a very early fan of Drew's -- and, of course, remain one -- I'm certain I was not the first Hound to discover him. But if my praise of Drew's seriously delicious food is what prompted you to try it, then I'll happily accept the credit for that. :-)