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Dec 31, 2008 06:49 AM

Coming to New Orleans for the first time, what can't I miss?

Hi All,

I'm coming to New Orleans for the first time this weekend. Im very excited and my mouth is watering. Could anyone please give me recommendations for food destinations that I cannot miss? Thanks so much.


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  1. Of course, everyone has their own opinions, and many will tell you to do a search. This thread is a good start for specific favorite dishes (rather than restaurants):

    For me, "Only in 'Nawlins" can't misses include:

    -Beignets and Cafe Au Lait at Cafe Du Monde
    -Crab Au Gratin at Bon Ton Cafe
    -Crab Cheesecake appetizer at Palace Cafe
    -Fresh hot pralines from Southern Candymakers
    -Praline Bacon at Elizabeth's
    -Any fish entree with Creole Meuniere at Bourbon House (I could drink that sauce)

    1. Since it is your first time, have drinks at Tujaques, The Old Absinthe House, The Napoleon House, and get a Hurricane (they are terrible but are required for first time visitors) at Pat O'Brien's. All of these are in the French Quarter.

      1. Oysters at Acme (tried the grilled, they are yummy!)
        We also had great drinks at The Old Absinthe House
        Luke breakfast, lunch or dinner
        Cochon both for contemporary southern food

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          Based on our recent visit, Felix's for oysters (not Acme, right across the street from Acme)...great food and service and no lines. Hurricanes where excellent (not sickly sweet and not from a powder base). Cochon is a must not miss for us along with K Paul's (home of "blackened" food). Old Absinthe House (now with absinthe with was only made legal in the US in 2007)....AND Petunias for breakfast.