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Dec 31, 2008 06:32 AM

One Pescatarian and One Foodie Take Paris

Celebrating a birthday and an anniversary in Paris this February and need advice on restos. We need one lunch spot and one dinner place, both nice and anniversary-worthy but not bank-breakers, and -- here's the catch -- pescatarian friendly. Any thoughts on good places that have interesting menus with ample vegetable and fish options?

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  1. You really won't have any problem with this. I very little (just assume no) red meat, and I go to Paris as often as I can and never have a problem. If you're looking for a comfortable place with good food, you might try Fish in the 6th. I had a lovely lunch there. Owners are from New Zealand and also own a wine shop down the street, so they also have an interesting wine list (and there isn't a problem if you don't speak French).

    1. Not sure of your budget, but we went to Taillevent for lunch on our recent anniversary (December). The 80 euro meal was excellent and there is at least one fish or shellfish on it. Wine prices are reasonable for the quality - you can't go wrong asking for their suggestions. The service and surroundings make an event extra special.

      15 Rue Lamennais, Paris, Île-de-France 75008, FR

      1. There are so many fine restaurants.....where are you staying and what is your budget? The French don't mind spending $$$ for great fish/shellfish....non of the "flash-frozen" nonsense we see so often here. Just remember, the French delivery system is much more efficient and timely than what we have, but it costs more; sometimes a lot more.

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          La Cagouille is a wonderful seafood restaurant in the 14th. I recommend it highly.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions -- I'm staying in the 5th, happy to go elsewhere though...and my budget is probably no more than 175 euros for the two of us. Would love more recommendations!

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            In the 7th, where we stay, there is Leo le Lion, Les Fables de la Fontaine, Les Clos des Gourmets, Le Petit Nicois, Petrossian and Vin et Maree. All these fit your budget and most have prix-fixe menus at lunch. Check them out at Pudlo, Zagat etc. The #6 and #10 metro lines can get you close.

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              I second La Cagouille, and the 14th is very near the 5th, where I also stay. I have walked there.

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                La Cagouille looks great. Any specific dish recs? How often does the menu change? And Oakglen -- all the places you mentioned look really perfect for us. Which is your favorite?

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                  Leo le Lion (chef is out of Divellec) and Les Fables de la Fontaine do specialize in seafood, however my third pick would be Les Clos des Gourmets, which does not specialize but has great Salmon dishes. If you are willing to travel, try Goumard on rue Duphot; they have totally changed their approach from being a Michelin starred restaurant to one with many prix-fixe offerings at reasonable prices. This is the new reality in French dining! Hopefully their new web site will available soon. I love them all, but perhaps only Fables could be considered a true "destination" restaurant. As always, you get what you pay for.

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                    La Cagouille's menu is on a white board, which suggests it changes daily. But I always get the same thing: 1/2 dozen oysters and saumon à l'unilatéral, which (as you probably know) is salmon cooked on one side so that the other side is rare. Fresh, healthy, delicious!