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Dec 31, 2008 06:25 AM

Help!~ Melted plastic on my stovetop!

I have a glass stovetop and my hubby set a bag of tortillas on the top while it was still hot. I now have a melted bag stuck to the burner! Does anyone know how to remove plastic without ruining the stovetop? Thanks so much!

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  1. Ouch! I'm glad our stovetop tells us which burners are still hot or we'd have that kind of problem daily.

    Try a razorblade - gently! - and some glass stovetop cleaner. Not sure what they call it in the US; here in the UK I use Hob Brite. There must be something similar where you live. Hope it works...

    1. I wouldn't do the razorblade (even gently) as it could well scratch the surface but I think WTBD's idea is right on target, generally. I had a similar problem (a plastic takeout container lid) and after it had cooled completely I chipped as much of it off as I could with my fingers. Then I worried about it for about a week. Finally, I turned the burner on as low as it could go just for a minute or so and used a heatproof silicone spatula to scrape off the plastic as it warmed up. I have a really thin silicone spatula, so the edge was able to make pretty quick work of it. Good luck!

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        I would read the directions first. Our glass stovetop came with a razor (scraper) and directions on how to use it. It also came with Cerama Brite and pads. I've also used Mr. Clean magic erasers, very carefully. It wasn't recommended so I'm gentle about it and haven't had problems yet. Here's the kit:


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            The scraper is what I meant by suggesting a razorblade - sorry for not being more specific! I used the one that came with our stovetop on the glass coffee table to get off some gunk and it worked there, too. Who knew?

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            As someone who just last week melted a panasonic rice cooker (ouch) on my stovetop, I feel I am qualified to give advise on this subject. Cerama bryte can be purchased at most if not all hardware and appliance stores, works great and a razor blade is indeed the tool of choice. Scraping at a little less then 45* will do the trick. They even have razor kits for sale at the stores that provide a plastic handle for the blade.

          3. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try them. Actually, mine does have a little light that shows it's still warm, but dear hubby asn't paying attention. I do have some of that cleaner, but I will try warming it up a tad first.

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              There really is no reason for warming up your stove first, unless you want to burn more of the plastic. Just squirt the the cleaner, scrub with the rough side of the sponge and then carefully use the blade to scrape off the plastic.