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Dec 31, 2008 06:15 AM

Decent Chinese Delivery near Bathurst and Eglinton ???

Can anyone suggest somewhere decent in this 'hood that delivers? We've tried a few and can't really rave about any of them. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ken Fong is good for what it is. their Ginger Chicken is really tasty.
    its very north american.
    not cheap.
    but it does the job, i guess.
    better than most places in Chinatown (but that's not saying much)

    1. The best in the area Is Tasty Chinese, on Eglinton between Bathurst and Allen Rd.

      1. The best chinese in the city is by far Tasty Chinese Restaurant. Lucky for you they will deliver! I'm jealous.

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          Well even though we live closer to the Annex we still get delivery from a very old standby...The China House... a shadow of its once former glory but still very reliable for 'old style Cantonese food. In fact whenever we crave Chinese style BBQ Ribs (specify the 'long' ones) that's where we order from...their Lo Mein is usually very tasty and chock full of pork, chicken & shrimp, other than that we really don't order huge amounts of food so I can't vouch for other choices on the menu..Fried WonTon with the requisite vivid red sauce is still a guilty but neccessary addition to our order!
          They are on Eglinton, south side just west of Bathurst (about 2 blocks)

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            I will third Tasty. So good. Love the BBQ boneless pork chunks and Palace Shrimp. Mu shu chicken is great too. Yummy pork dumplings.

            China House is very hit and miss I find, but there are hits. Their bbq ribs are just amazing as are their homemade chicken balls. Many of the other things I've had their are pretty tasteless. Haven't had their wontons though, pearlD's thumbs-up of those sounds promising...

            It's an institution with some good stuff. Just have to know what to get I guess.

            Overall I prefer Tasty Chinese.

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              Both sound wonderful. I grew up in that area and loved China House. Haven't had the wonton and red sauce in ages but could seriously go for some right now. We could use a good chinese place here in Riverdale area.

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                This thread got me thinking that "Chinatown East" is really done for. They are finally building the dramatic "gates" just west of Broadview, after years of promises, but this planned landmark no longer makes any sense.

                When I moved into this area twenty years ago, there were several really good Chinese places on Gerrard and on Broadview. While Pearl Court remains, it isn't particularly good these days. Ka Ka Lucky still does good, extremely cheap, barbecue. That's essentially it.

                Re China House: have you ever tried the Wokker on Queen?

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                  Re: Wokker on Queen - no never. Have you, should I? Any recommendations?

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                    They've only been around for about 30 years - not long compared to China House. While not a classic Jewish-Canadian-Chinese place like China House or Sea Hi, Wokker shares some of their essence. This isn't exactly a chowish destination - more for specific cravings.

                    It's mainly takeout/delivery and often empty, like Sea Hi, but the dining room has that retro Canadian Chinese ambiance. The food, of course, isn't even close to real Chinese food but the ingredient quality has always been good. (Caveat - food last eaten in 2007.)

                    We have enjoyed things such as the Mongolian beef, beef/chicken with ginger tips (it's actually sushi ginger), and lemon chicken (surprisingly, not battered and deep fried) over the years. They have many of the China House type menu items and are much better than the locally better known Seabreeze (which I don't like at all). You can certainly get your wonton in day glo sauce there.

                    They have all kinds of "Szechuan specialties", curries, and Thai noodles on their menu, none of which you want to try.

                    If you do go, please advise if they are still okay.

                    1. re: embee

                      This sounds like my kind of place. Right now I'm on weight watchers so I can only dream of my old favorites. When I want a cheat night...I'm going to the Wokker.

                      1. re: food face

                        I'll try it too, thanks 'embee'......am presently in Florida checking out some suggestions I've gotten from the Florida board...am in a seafood frame of mind so I hope to eat my fill while I'm here...then off to Jamaica for 'jerk'!!!

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                          Went to China House for the first time and enjoyed it. I took my Mom who loves Canadian Chinese food. She got a kick out of the decor and the lazy susan on the round table. I was pleasantly surprised by the Kung Pao shrimp, the sauce was amazing and the shrimp were juicy and large. But they were breaded? The meat eaters enjoyed the Moo Shu pork, Beef Lo Mein and Vancouver dry ribs. Service was pleasant and the waiter wore an old school red jacket.
                          For the record I have also been to Sea Hi on Bathurst and did not enjoy it, other then the deep fried jumbo shrimp. The food was greasy and inconsistant. I had taken my Mom there 3 times and the food was passable only once. Inconsistancy in food drives me nuts and I would not return.
                          I have not tried Tasty Chinese yet but may.
                          Also to set the context when I say I enjoyed China House I would go back and everyone in our party of 7 would also return. I most likely will not go back until I go with Mom or a large party to accomodate. But I detest Mandarin as I find they only have three flavours, grease, salt and sugar. Blech.

                          Tasty Chinese Restaurant
                          997 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C2C7, CA