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Dec 31, 2008 06:15 AM

great tables

I've eaten in the bank vault at Main Street Grill in Round Rock (private room w/ table for 4). I've eaten in the booth in the kitchen at Buca di Beppo (kids loved that). I've eaten at the "kitchen" table at pf changs at the arboretum (this was a long time ago, I think it was actually in the bar area). Are there any other "cool" tables out there? Also, what about views (aside from the Oasis). I've heard there are some fun rooftop spots dowtown.

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  1. How about the chef's table in the kitchen at the Driskill Grill?

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      "The Driskill Grill's Chef's Table is situated in the middle of the action in the kitchen. The Chef's Table seats up to 6 and offers a close-up view of the kitchen action. Our chefs will prepare a custom tasting menu for you and your guests. As our Chef's Table is prepared according to each guests' specifications, a $500 room charge will apply in addition to the cost of food and beverage. Reservations are required."

      sounds great but no way can I afford that. The hubby would leave me for sure...

    2. I had the opportunity to eat at the kitchen table at PF Changs last year and found it very strange- you are at a ten top that faces the expediter station- so we watched three kids run food all night- not very exciting- but the server was phenomenal and the food was good.
      Other interactive tables that I like- the kitchen counter at Trattoria Lisina- chef is a New Yorker and has the occasional slip of the tongue, but you can ask him what he is cooking and he will chat you up, accent and all- and the sushi counter at Mikado. For a great view, try Steiner Ranch Steakhouse- you get an Oasis type view with food that you can actually enjoy.

      1. Interesting topic.

        From the great dessert tables, I'd vote for that special etched glass tall-walls circular-ish room in the back of Viva Chocolato! Dessert Cafe, Wine Bar and Chocolate Shoppe in the Domain. Seats at least 6 - 8

        Owner told me small book clubs meet there. Makes me want to join a book club. ; - )

        What about tables that aren't intended to be great tables but are for a quirky reason?

        (like how the seats adjacent to windows that cross the row boundary on certain planes will have slightly more kneeroom... )

        1. quick rundown off the top of my head:

          Halai (?? - someone help me here) - new polonesean-ish rooftop place just off Congress and I want to say 4th

          Skishores - yeah, the food isn't that great, but compared to Oasis, it's gourmet and the atmosphere can't be beat

          Louie's 106 and Gumbo's RR - cool "basement/back" rooms

          Cover 3 - the "treehouse" section is pretty cool

          NxNW - way in the back yard in the summer time there's a little cove in the trees way out from everyone else, although as expected, service is very slow there

          I've heard Quatros on campus has an excellent back yard.

          Cafe de Bella - not real keen on the food, but the back patio is very nice

          If you want the ultra fancy (I know, read below but I'd throw it out there) Cafe Trio has an excellent private room and if it weren't for the style of the new dining room (which I think feels too casual) I think the actual food/wine experience is a real bang for the buck.

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            You were close! I think that place is called Lanai. Do they have food there? If so, is it any good?

            I'll vote for the underground cavern tables at Clay Pit. Wine + curried mussels + naan + a table down there = great date night.

            1. re: jwynne2000

              That's it! Only been once, and only saw food going by. Really basic (really-really) menu - wraps, sandwiches. However, as far as I know, they're the only ones in town who make Painkillers - my favorite drink in the whole wide world...

              1. re: amysuehere

                Fish Daddy's in Pflugerville makes a decent painkiller

            2. re: amysuehere

              You were close! I think that place is called Lanai. How is the food there?

              I'll vote for the underground cavern tables at Clay Pit. Wine + curried mussels + naan + a table down there = a great date night.

              1. re: jwynne2000

                Jwynne, you read my mind. Clay Pit's subterranean stone-walled lair is VERY romantic; just be sure to duck your head when descending!