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Dec 31, 2008 06:09 AM

Tacos Colima - Nashua, NH

I had no idea that this place was opening, but I was very excited to read about this in the Telegraph review. I love Mexican food and a new/good Mexican place near downtown is very good news indeed.

The Table for Two review is:

Here's some of the info from the article:

Tacos Colima
101 Factory St., Nashua.

CUISINE: Mexican.
Prices: $6-$16.50.
Hours: 7a.m.-10 p.m. daily, except Tuesdays.
Handicapped Accessible: No.
Vegetarian Friendly: Yes.
Alcohol: Yes.

Here's some additional info on Yelp:

Anyone been?

I will also add that there is a nice (new?) mexican bakery and specialty store on West Pearl St. I stop by there when I'm downtown and pick up some sweets to take home. It's very reasonably priced and the cookies, turnovers, etc are good. I hope these places stay around for a while!

The info from google is:

La Mexicana Bakery
92 W Pearl St
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 886-9499‎

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  1. Tacos Colima

    I thought there was another recent thread on this new Mexican restaurant, but with a brief search I couldn't find it. Anyway, GF and I were in Nashua Saturday night and wanted to try something different so we went to Tacos Colima. Definitely authentic style Mexican!

    It doesn't have the typical kitsch of the large Tex-Mex places in the area, in fact the interior is a bit stark and could use some Mexican decorations to cozy it up, but the home-made quality of the food makes up for it. We were told they don't have a liquor license yet but hope to in about a month. Too bad because I was in the mood for a margarita or at least a beer.

    The tortilla chips and salsa they bring when you sit down are fantastic! As fresh and home-made as could be. Crunchy awesomeness.... I could eat 3 baskets of chips and call it a night. The salsa is fairly spicy...the top of my head got a nice glow going. I requested a 2nd basket of chips and more salsa and they brought it right away.

    I ordered one of several available combo platters, two chille rellenos and an enchilada. (I think it was a #4?) I also ordered a side tamale. All the plates come with Mexican-style rice and refritos (refried beans). The refritios were perhaps the best I've had. Something I often end up leaving uneaten in mainstream Mex places as they seem a flavorless afterthought. Even after eating everything I ordered I couldn't help but assist the GF with her refritos.

    All items I had were outstanding examples of authentic Mexican. Perhaps to the point that some patrons familiar only with MexAmerican might not groove on the food here the way I do. Here they can at least see what the difference is. This isn't microwaved stuff with cheese thrown all over it.

    GF had a chicken entree. Spiced chunks of chicken with vegetables. It was sort of like a fajita filling mix. She loved it and I tried a bit of it, again a very home-made tasting dish.

    We shared a chocolate flan and it wasn't quite what I expected as it was a small portion of choco flan sitting atop a moist chocolate cake with a sweet caramel sauce on top. Quite good though. We are eager to go back. Prices are extremely reasonable. Tab was in the mid $20 range including a chocolate flan we split. Try that for dinner for two with a desert anywhere else.

    The two people working, the waitress and the cook were very friendly. Each time someone left the restaurant the chef would yell from the kitchen area "thank you." A nice touch to know a place appreciates your business.

    Don't expect flash and giant clay pots and a mariachi band, but do expect really good, truly authentic Mexican at great prices.

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    1. re: Dave B

      You say Mexican, but everything you mention is very Tex-mex and Americanized. (e.g.- were the enchiladas just covered with chili/gravy, or were they suizas, verdes, enmolada or anything otherwise special?) Were there any signs of lengua, carnitas, carne asada, tacos al pastor or al carbon? Was the salsa really a salsa? Any yucatecan dishes like Pibil? Any ceviche or mole dishes? Any soups and stews, like menudo or birria? Still sounds like a likely take-over for best Americanized Mexican in the area from La Carreta, which has been major downhill for the last couple of years - but that's unfortunately, not saying much. Real Mexican cuisine has so far to go up this way. It sounds like at least they got the beans right - perhaps with lots of lard (makes it yummy). Just as long as the rice isn't minute rice, or uncle ben's...

    2. Thanks to your Chowhound message I made it over to La Mexicana Bakery last week. They have a wide array of breads, cookies, and pastries. Since I was still trying to adhere to my New Year's Resolution to lose a few pounds, I only bought 3 items: Jelly roll slice, and 2 "turnovers" -pumpkin filled and cream filled. Texture was cakey rather than flaky but the fillings were good. Posted a photo. Will go back to try the other items. Very friendly service.

      1. Went for dinner the other night and was surprised to say the least. I am usually skeptical of mexican up here, as I lived in the southwest and california where it was my cuisine of choice. The first thing I noticed is that the place was clean. It didn't have all the dust magnets like the TGIF versions of mexican that we usually get up in the northeast.

        The chips and sauce were fresh! The chips not overly salted, and the sauce just spicy enough to feel some (but not much) heat.

        I always judge a new place on how they make my burrito, which is what I ordered. Large, packed full of steak (never hamburger) with beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole I was in heaven. My wife ordered the flautas which she really liked. I agree that the refritos were the best that I have ever had here in the northeast.
        Prices were reasonable, and the service was good. I have already made plans to go back with friends this week.