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Dec 31, 2008 06:06 AM

ISO good lobster sauce & appetizers in Somerville

I'm looking for a Chinese restaurant in Somerville that has the best lobster sauce. I know that lobster sauce doesn't have lobster in it. It's ground up pork in a brown black bean type sauce. I like my lobster sauce to have a good garlic flavor and not be overly salty. I hate places that make lobster sauce that has way too much salt. I also know that it's not authentic Chinese food but that's what I like. I also want to order some appetizers: egg rolls, crab rangoons, chicken wings & peking raviolis (dumplings). Does anyone have a favorite Chinese place in Somerville where I can order some takeout? How about Wang's on Broadway in Somerville? I have never been there but drive by it all the time.
Any information would be appreciated. To all fellow Chowhounds: have a happy and healthy New Years!

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  1. I love Wangs but have never ordered lobster sauce there (or anywhere else). No need to apologize for liking American chinese food ... millions of people do!

    I just checked and Wangs does have it on the menu, as well as eggrolls, crab rangoons, pork strips, etc. The dumplings there are the best around, so you'll be happy with those for sure.

    They don't open until 4 p.m. though, so bear that in mind if you are heading out in the snow.

    Happy New Year!

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      I can highly recommend the lobster sauce at Royal East in Cambridge...quite excellent in fact (I do ask them for extra garlic)

    2. A friend (native NYer) was blown away by lobster sauce at East Asia in Powderhouse. That's where I'd go for that menu.

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        I was also thinking that East Asia would be a good bet for this. Their fried rice is glorious and they have some of the best egg rolls I've ever eaten (I'm not usually a fan). Pretty much everything aside from those two things I've gotten there hasn't been very good, but it does seem like they do a great job with the americanized chinese.

      2. I LOVE lobster sauce. That is my first choice in any Chinese restaurant and few places make it good. Looks like you have great rec's here though.

        I'm tired of fellow diners asking me why they call it lobster sauce if there is no lobster in it. I always ask them why steak sauce is called steak sauce if it has no steak in it? or spaghetti sauce? It always makes them think. My fave Chinese dish is Chinese-style lobster with lobster sauce. Delish! And I always ask for my lobster sauce extra dark.

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          I went to Wang's yesterday (New Years Day) in Somerville at 4pm to find a sign on the front door stating that they were closed on 1/1/09! I wasn't too happy about that. I then went to East Asia in Somerville and ordered my takeout food. I specifically asked that they make the lobster sauce to be dark in color with a good garlic flavor. Everything I ordered was fresh, hot and delicious especially the lobster sauce. East Asia saved my New Years Day Chinese food ritual. I have been to East Asia several times but haven't been back in about 6+ months. Thanks East Asia for starting my new year with delicious Chinese food!

          East Asia Restaurant
          868 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144