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Dec 31, 2008 05:27 AM

I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!

The purpose of this post is NOT to elicit snarky negative replies about gluttony and the general state of mega poundage in the USA, so save those for another thread. This post is just for fun folks! FUN.

My daughter Katie is with her husband Paul's extended Mexican family in Puerto Vallarta this week.. Paul is about 6'3", and skinny as a bean pole. She wrote the following in an email home:

"Paul got his dinner for free last night. It was a real sight! We went to Las Palomas (in the marina), & found a 'super burrito' on the menu. It said that it was sooo big that if you ate it all, they'd give it to you for free. It sounded like a challenge. When the burrito came out, we were all a little doubtful that Paul could do was HUGE!!! Seriously, it was the size of a small child. But he ate the whole damned thing, no kidding! We thought he would have massive cha cha cha afterwards, but not so much. What an iron man I married!"

What excercises in culinary excess have you either witnessed or participated in? I'm not talking professional eating contests, like Philly's Wing Bowl or Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest; I'm talking strictly amature feats of eating amazement and virtuosity. Bring it on!

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  1. I ate an entire order of cheese sticks by myself for dinner the other night. But I'm pregnant - can I get a "that's ok" pass? :)

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      Honey, when you are pregnant, that's not eating virtuosity -- that's normal! Will you be naming your child "Brie"?

      1. re: PattiCakes

        LOL! Ironically, pg ladies are not "allowed" to have brie. Lucky for me I don't like it, so it's been no challenge to do without it. But I still eat feta. I highly doubt my Greek ancestors completely gave up feta while they were PG.

      2. re: rockandroller1

        That's ok R&R - seriously! When you're growing a human being you have the right to eat whatever makes you happy. Period. :)

      3. Well- I cannot keep eggplant parm in my house. Whenever I make it, I will eat it day and night untill it is gone- hot, cold or temp- doesn't matter. Love the stuiff!

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          oh my gosh i'm the same with eggplant parmingana i just can't stop eating it once its there it calls to me from the fridge i usually end up with a stomach ache its so addictive

        2. Someone bet me once I couldn't eat 50 mcnuggets in an hour. I won, it took about 15-20 mins.
          Someone else bet me that I couldn't eat two burritos from Chipotle. I was only able to finish one and about 90% of the second because he got them to really stuff the burritos. My burritos were about 1.5x the size of the burritos he brought back for my other coworkers.
          when i go eat sushi for lunch i average about 40 pieces which isn't too great (the record there is about 80 pieces and the guy was telling me that in japan he saw sumo wresters who put down 400-600 pieces at a time, with one guy managing about 900 pieces) but I don't really want to eat that much more at approx. 5 bucks a pop.

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          1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

            Reminds me of a first date I went on when I was 26 years old, 5'2", and weighed 95 pounds, soaking wet. I ordered a New York steak. When the waiter set it in front of me, my date bet me, saying "I have a dollar that say's you can't finish that steak." He was so shocked he forgot to pay up! By that time, I'd had at least 10 years experience.

          2. in my less then enlightened eating days, I once got cut off at an all-you-can-eat sushi bar! the chef, after giving me my 5th order of sushi(they were all 25-30 peices of nigiri each) just looked at me and said "you done!, I get you sake and beer, but no food!" to be honest I was full anyways, and took it as a compliment. Im pretty sure the reason I got cutoff was that the allyoucaneat was 31.95 and the a la carte pricing for the nigiri was something like 2.50/pc, avg.! the math on that one doesnt exactly pencil out for the restaurant!:)

            btw, also 6'2" and 165lbs.

            the other feat of gluttony that I can ascribe my name to was once eating 38 beef ribs in under an hour. I left that place not a happy camper!!

            1. On more than one occasion I've consumed an entire box of Little Debbie cakes in one evening. My only guilt is over the wasted packaging for the "individual servings."

              I have also been know to eat a whole pineapple at one time (minus skin and core, or course). No guilt, but acid burns in my mouth for sure.

              And naturally, there's the entire pint of Ben and Jerry's event.

              The greatest feat of gluttony I know of is the Krispy Kreme Challenge at NC State each year. Participants run 2 miles from campus to the Krispy Kreme shop, eat a dozen plain glazed donuts, and run back. If you finish in less than an hour without getting sick you get a t-shirt. I haven't done it yet, but I'm tempted. I know I could run the 4 mile course, and I know I can eat 12 KKs, I'm just not sure I can do both in an hour. I figure if I can do the first 2 miles in 15 minutes, that leaves me with 10-15 for the donuts and about 30 to power walk back...

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              1. re: mpjmph

                When I was at Iowa State they had a Krispy Kreme 5k. At every kilometer they had a Krispy Kreme station set up and for every doughnut you ate over teh course of the race you had a minute deducted from your time. A few people had some very low times.

                Speaking of Krispy Kremes, I think I've ate a dozen glazed in less than a day before. I find most doughnuts to be terrible when they are day old and just hate to waste the tasty deliciousness! That's why I very rarely buy them!

                1. re: mpjmph

                  When my son was in college, the Men's Track Team used to do an event every year to raise money. It was a PA State college, and track was a sport that was low one the funding tree. Ever cogniscent of their audience, they did a "Run, Chug & Puke". Yep, we've got a bunch of those tee shirts around here somewhere.