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Dec 31, 2008 04:29 AM

Classic Diner really isn't that good.

I really don't understand why Classic Diner gets great reviews on here.The place is a huge sham, akin to the Grey Goose phenomenon.The past few times that we've eaten there have been disappointing.The food has been haphazardly put together and has too many " South of the Border" seasonings on them.Our homefries weren't cooked enough and the Eggs Benny were overseasoned to the point of not tasting the ham, eggs, and sauce.This is unacceptable for the price of the breakfast entrees.

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  1. I've always loved it there and never had a complaint about the preparations. The only thing I advise is that people order exactly what's on the menu - make any substitutions and they charge you an arm and a leg.

    1. We have eaten there countless times and never been disappointed; but then again, it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Their "homefries" were always an oven roasted type, golden brown, with fresh dill etc.; never undercooked. Their benedict comes in various recipes, of which we have tried several, and never thought them to be overseasoned. If the CD isn't all that good, what restaurants do you consider great?

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        For breakfast Country Deli on 352 in Edgmont smashes CD.Tastier, cheaper, and none of the attitude.

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          Who likes eating breakfast from a bowl, unless it's cereal? It was annoying trying to eat eggs from a bowl. (I much prefer a regular plate), just really don't care for the place. Expensive breakfasts and a little too stuffy for me. I prefer the Frazer diner for my once a week breakfast.

      2. I've been to Classic Diner many times and have never been disappointed. The pancakes were wonderful and for luncheon items, the pulled pork is to die for delicious...and that has been consistent. Not to mention their french fries. Sorry you didn't have a good experience, but I look forward to going there whenever I get the chance!

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          I have been to Classic Diner a few times and it was very good. A bit crowded for me, i wouldn't even think of going at lunch or on a Sat/Sun morning. The Frazer diner is worth a try the last time i was there was before the smoking ban, so that has to be an improvement. My go to place for breakfast is the King Street Grill also on rte 30 and almost across the street from Frazer Diner.

        2. I have to disagree. I've eaten at the Classic Diner for both breakfast and lunch and have always had a good meal. omlettes, lox, sandwiches, soups... everything has been superb.