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Dec 31, 2008 03:30 AM

Shower locations in CT

Need to host a baby shower in early March and in desperate need of recommendations. There will be around 30 attendees, and the mother to be is in Monroe, so that area - Shelton, Monroe, Newtown, Southbury, even Bridgeport is ideal. Thank you.

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  1. The Inn at Villa Bianca in Seymour may fit the bill.

    1. The Oxford House in Oxford. I have hosted a few showers there. The owners are very helpful and nice to deal with.

      1. Some of the places in that area I know of that accommodate private parties:

        Newtown: Inn at Newtown

        Ridgefield: Stonehenge; Bernard's Inn

        Southbury: Dolce Heritage

        1. We regularly eat at the Inn at Newtown, and we've been to a private party there, and it was very nicely done. Also, friends of ours had a bat mitzvah celebration for their daughter there, and they were thrilled with the service they received. They have the Fairchild Room, but they also have Proud Mary's, which is available for private parties and is a more intimate space.

          Monroe has 707 on Main and Vazzy's, both which may work for you. I haven't been to 707 on Main since it opened several years ago, but Vazzy's has consistenly good food. Also, there is a tea room in Stratford, I think, so that may be something you want to consider. I forget the name, however.

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            In addition to the above, I would try Mona Lisa. Their food has improved over the past few months and they have room for a private party...something a little different would be El Coyote in Monroe. We recently attended a private party there and it was a blast!