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Dec 31, 2008 02:48 AM

Crayfish King

Any news about Crayfish King in the old MIK spot?

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    1. Looks like they're getting closer - there are little bottles of presumably hot sauce lined up in the windows, along with a liquor license notice......

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      1. re: smalt

        Thanks for the update. Recently went to My Brother's Crawfish in Portland and really enjoyed it. If its anything like it, it'll be a fine addition to Seattle's scene.

      2. Our local, native, crayfish are being out-competed by imported Louisiana cousins, but Lake Washington has a thriving population and I'm a little disappointed that the Crawfish King will be air-freighting. Maybe he just doesn't know? Or maybe I don't?

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        1. re: mrnelso

          Is there any local operators that are farming or catching crawfish commercially in quantity and quality?

          1. re: kirkj

            Right. This is the issue. Most of the Lake Washington crayfish are caught in very small quantities by independent individuals for personal use. (you might see them in supermarkets around here every once in a while, but I don't think nearly enough is caught to run a restuarant)

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              It wouldn't surprise me to see it as a special at some place like Sitka and Spruce, The Corson Building, or Tilth. And I know that a few of the fish markets have the local one when in season. But the peak season is really for only a few months in the summer.

            2. re: kirkj

              Check with the owners of Wild Salmon Fish market. They have a retail store but also supply wholesale.

          2. Had dinner with friends there this last weekend. I think it was grand opening and it was really crowded. We had crab and crawfish...they were out of corn and potatoes?? One other thing, they did not have any beer =(. The food was really good and ...wowza ! it was spicy but that's how we liked it! The decor was nice and atmosphere was fun. Our waiter was really nice, overall service was great...I hope they keep it up. I have alot of friends from the south and will be spreading the word. I will visit again but they better serve some beer soon!..haha

            1. Crayfish King has great potential. Their gumbo is an out-of-this-world bargain at $5.99 a bowl. (Contains a generous helping of fresh shrimp, oysters and sausage with a properly seasoned base. Worth the trip alone.) Blue crab is served piping hot slathered in a cajun sauce. (Wear old clothes and dive in.) The catfish is another bargain at $8.99 for a generous 4 piece serving that was perfectly cooked. Disappointing are the clams which were poorly cooked served in an aluminum foil pan. Everything is served on paper plates or disposal pans with plastic utensils giving the overall impression that you're eating at a very, very good Skippers. Service was great. I hope they make it these trying times.

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              1. re: Leper

                Blue Crab and Southern crayfish . Well it can't be as fresh as seafood raised here. Just like the chickens. We will soon have comercials on TV of Crayfish and crabs trying to impersonate local seafood.