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Dec 30, 2008 09:45 PM

A weekend in Aguascalientes

I'm headed down to Aguascalientes for a wedding here in about a month. Are there any suggestions of places that I definitely check out, as well as a couple of good splurge restaurants?

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  1. Cenaduría San Antonio and La Tradición (upstairs of Gorditas Victoria, which used to be the best but now you can find gorditas everywhere) very casual, cheap, but very good food and service, Esquina de Triana, Terra Tres (they carry local wine, Casa Leal nice malbec), Devanand (vegetarian buffet), Argentilia, Vinatá, Andrea Alameda Hotel, it has a long tradition of buena cocina. Gorditas, before noon at Colsio or Campestre, in a small open plaza next to Oxxo, both are good, clean and safe.(the problem with gorditas is that in some places they keep the guisados warm forever, day after day, that´s turns into a "caldo de cultivo" i´ve gotten very sick eating gorditas at Plaza Trojes on Universidad, Colosio and Campestre have been fine so far) Birria: on Universidad, near Primer Anillo, on the same side of the street as Star Medica, the place is very simple, marble stones made the floor. Carnitas: San Francisco de los Romo, on the main road, the place with blue tiles, ask for toppings which are excellent, guacamole, chiles toreados, frijoles, nopalitos, cebollitas, and salsas....

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      The birria place on universidad is called El Curandero. Downtown there´s also La Saturnina.