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Dec 30, 2008 07:34 PM

Recs for Sydney's fine dining stops for CH from Hong Kong and Boston?

A fellow diner and i will be coming to sydney and canberra for a few days in late jan early feb. Any recs for restaurant stops? Both fine dining and cheap street food stands are welcome. Thanks guys.

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  1. well, I have only been here since May, but one restaurant that I really enjoyed was Strangers With Candy. cash only and BYO, and there is a decent wine store (aka bottleshop) around the corner. What I really liked was the small intimate feeling and how they are cooking with local fresh produce. I enjoyed the whole experience, and felt like it was prepared with love of cooking. It is useful to make reservations, but it isn't crazy hard to get into.

    I also really like Adriano Zumbo's bakery in Balmain. Easy to take a bus there.

    In Canberra I found one bakery I liked, suggested by people here - Silo Bakery - it is more than a bakery, sit down food service, other than that I felt I was not in food heaven there.

    I'll try to think of other Sydney places. There is a thai place I like, but maybe you aren't interested in that?

    1. I was just in Australia this past September. Victoria is where I stayed, just outside of Melbourne. In Melbourne there is this great little "cheap street food" place call the Atomic Cafe. And if you get into Sydney you have to go to a place called Stuyvesant's House, 45 Alexander Street Crows Nest NSW 612-9439-7155 is the phone. Ask for Rudi or Max (brothers) and tell them Jenifer from Kansas told you to come in. He is quite the character and so very knowledgeable about wine you should take notes. It is worth the trip.
      If you get out on the water - Paynesville has the best fish n' chips.

      1. hey there, i copied and pasted an old post of my recs for sydney.

        there isn't really a street food culture (unfortunately!) but head to Chinatown and go for a wander. I like Golden Century for its live seafood. hope these help. there are other people on this site who are much better with info on chinatown than me!!! but you wont go wrong with the places below.

        Lucio's - fine dining Contemporary Italian in Paddington - great Italian food in an amazing setting. This restaurant has one of the best collections of Australian artists hanging on it's walls. Service is efficient yet homely with a great wine list containing some more obscure Italian varietals.

        Quay - Fine dining modern Aus in the CBD - considered one of the best places to eat by Sydney's chefs. Quay also has an amazing view of the Opera House. Service is better in other places but this is definitely a chefs restaurant.

        Pier - Fine Dining seafood - in Rose Bay. Probably my favourite restaurant in Sydney. I recommend trying a few of their entree dishes which i think surpass the mains in flavour, creativity and value. Super expensive mains here ($56 for a fillet of fish) but still worth every penny. The BEST seafood restaurant in the country without a doubt. This is definitely a lunch place. It looks out over Rose Bay.

        Becasse - French fine dining CBD - This is great contemporary French food in an elegant, under stated room. Service is friendly and professional. I really like this place. the food is probably not as good as those mentioned above but still excellent and one of the best in Aus.

        Bushari - Casual but trendy Japanese in Potts Point - my new favourite. I go here once a week. MUCH cheaper than all of the options above but its a funky little place where you should ask to sit at the counter where the chefs are. Sapporo beer on tap and lots of sake to choose from (also BYO), maybe not a birthday dinner but definitely worth a visit.