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Dec 30, 2008 07:29 PM

Good eat around Mercer/Grove City area

Hi all,
We will be going to above area in the new year for a few days.Would appreciate suggestion of 'good eat 'around the area.

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  1. The Iron Bridge and Springfield Grille are in the area and are decent places. The Iron Bridge is more of a mid-range place with a huge menu and really good food, but the wait can be enormous. I have seen a 2 hour wait. The Springfield Grille is a little more on the fine dining side with good food and resonable prices. I think they still take reservations, which is a plus. Both are on Rt 19, west of Grove City. I also like the North Country Brewing Co in Slippery Rock which is a few miles down the road. It has been a while, but they had good food and good beer. This place also gets busy on the weekends when the University is in session.

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      While pondering better, more appropriate responses...please note if near The Rock and need something to hold off hunger: Bob's Subs are excellent!

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        in New Castle, Mill St Grille but have never been. But real low cost treat: Syrian/Mid Eat on Long Ave