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Dec 30, 2008 06:51 PM

Ladies Lunch in Hilton Head, SC

I have read all of the Hilton Head threads and I am still in search of a suggestion for a ladies lunch in Hilton Head.

My family visits HHI about 3 times a year. My Mom and I always go to the Westin Heavenly Spa one day and go to lunch afterwards. We have yet to find a great ladies lunch spot. We love Truffles for their soups, sandwiches, salads (except they took the peanut butter/chocolate pie off the menu--major bummer!) We tried the French Bakery which was also good but we are looking for more of a restaurant rather than order from a counter type spot. Been to Cristine's and Signe's but again more of a counter type service. Also tried Charlie's but I thought their menu was kind of limited.

We always do an Afternoon Tea in Savannah--surprised there is nothing like that for ladies in HHI with all the golf widows:)

Any ideas?

PS After reading the threads I am excited to try Flamingos tomorrow morning for fresh doughnuts!

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  1. Our very favorite restaurant in that area was Panini's in Beaufort. We never found a very special favorite restaurant in Hilton Head, probably because there are just so many and my kids always wanted to head for the Crazy Crab, the Salty Dog or the restaurants around the marina. One of those marina restaurants has a nice view and might be what you are looking for. Why don't you walk into The Waterfront Cafe and check it out? Also, be sure to google Savannahoffthebeatenpath.

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      thanks, I will do a search on the Waterfront Cafe.

      Any other suggestions anyone?

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        I hope you have a good day with your mom.
        They have done renovations but this restaurant my not be "shi shi" enough for a ladies lunch.

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        Just returned from HHI. The Waterway Cafe (formerly Cafe Europa) is closed until the middle of February.

      3. The Sweet Grass Grille (former location of Charlies) in Plantation Center,near Palmetto Dunes entrance, has been quite good and just might be what you are looking for.

        1. The Sunset Grille off 278 in the RV park is waterfront and very very good

          1. I recommend Charlie's L'Etoile Vert. I've only been there for lunch and brunch, but it seems like the perfect place. The food and service has been great for us for the last five oor so years.

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