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Dec 30, 2008 06:02 PM

Gelato In Fairfield County?

Does anyone know where to find a gelato bar around here? I can't afford to go to Italy right now, and I'm about to buy the equipment to make my own....!

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    1. re: jfood

      Hi there,

      Seconded, with enthusiasm.

      1. re: jfood

        Triple... with more enthusiasm. (They have good espresso too.)

        1. re: da4141

          I do not remember the name of the place, but there is a great place on Fairfield Ave in the Balck Rock section of Bridgeport a few doors down from Ash Creek

          1. re: da4141

            A fourth here. Say hello to Filomenucia, the owner who is always there behind the counter, too!

          2. re: jfood

            I went for the first time and the place is adroable but the gelato I wasn't digging it so much. I felt that is was not what i am used to when it somes to gelato. It tasted processed and not creamy at all. I had a place in Stamford for a long time and it was superb, I also had a few places in NYC that were incredible too. It was a very clean place, nice people but I didn't thing it was up to par with the stuff you get in Italy. There was a funny after taste with it also that I didn't care for. This is the New Canaan place! I will try the other too and let you know.

            1. re: nbermas

              Gotta say NB, jfood is at a loss. You did not like BSF and you like Burger bar and the only other places you have liked recently are the top of the hill and the truck in stamford.

              Jfood is not sure what you might be looking for. Could you give him an idea what you like in FFD county so he could try in the future.

              But if you and he disagree on the Gelato (which is as good as any jfood has eaten anywhere in the world) and BSF, then it may be that your palate and his do not overlap on what they like. It happens, but jfood does not want to lead you to places that you won;t like.

              1. re: jfood

                I love middle eastern food, more organics, clean food, I love anything chocolate, turkey, chicken, soups, great salads with homemade dressings, seafood, falafels, some clean latin amercian food without alot of cheese. I love alot of food I am just very honest and really know ice cream, it was my first job and ever since then I like decadent tastes when you are going to eat something like ice cream or gelato. I love cheese, bagels andd lox, baked salmon, crepes, eggs benedict, bacon. That is just a little of wha t I love. iam sorry that i came off negative but is not its just my own palate saying what it thinks. I have a very sensitive and good palate for all foods. I don't like heavy food at all. Thank you so much you are the best and Mrs. must be a happy lady to have you. Again a very Happy New year to you and the Mrs.J. I tend it not go out that much because I must save money not employed but will get a little something once in awhile.

                1. re: nbermas

                  Thanks N

                  Let's try this:

                  Chocolate - you already found Chocopologie, that's good
                  Soup - Believe it or not Soup Alley in SONO (up the street from Chocopologie) and on route 7 in Wilton have good soup. Great Onion Soup at Bonne Nuit in NC (5 doors down from gelato) but bith are a little pricey.
                  Seafood - Also expensive up here but Rowayton Seafood is good (prices down about $7 per but still mid high $20), in the summer for some fried stuff, SONO seafood on Water St. Great but very expensive (mid $30) is again Bonne Nuit
                  Falafel - jfood likes Falafel Inn on route 1 in Norwalk. He does not like Myrnas or Laylas as much. But nothing like the Israeli falafels
                  Latin - you need Adamclyde in this neck of the wodds, he's the maestro
                  Cheese - Darien Cheese shop
                  Bagels - Go to Westchester, not a decent one around
                  Lox/ salmon - jfood likes Mt Kisco Smoke House, others have been raving about Hartsdale Cheese SHop (jfood does not even know where Hartsdale is)

                  Try some restos and report what you like and many on this board will guide you.

                  Have a great new year and happy hunting for food.

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