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Super Pollo II - Brick, NJ

I was given the task this evening to pick up some food for dinner. I heard about this small little Peruvian joint in the Kennedy Mall off Hooper Ave. in Brick. When I got there, I almost “chickened” out as the restaurant was empty and nobody was even behind the counter. Undeterred, I walked in to find a few chickens spinning on a rotisserie and a somewhat empty refrigerated case containing a nice looking crème caramel. After perusing the menu (and never having ordered Peruvian food), I decided to heed my friends advice and order the house specialty Pollo Entero Solo (a whole rotisserie chicken), an order of cancha (salted puffed corn tossed in oil/butter), and a glass of chicha morada (a Peruvian purple-corn drink that is simultaneously sweet, spicy, and fruity – think a cold mulled wine or punch).
I’m happy to report that everything was excellent. The most notable of the bunch was the chicken. I must admit that it was probably the best roast chicken I have ever had. It was both juicy and tender with a marinade/seasoning which permeated throughout the meat. The cancha was also quite good once you got over the consistency of the corn kernel. I could see myself eating a bushel of these things at the movies in lieu of a bucket of popcorn. I heard about the chichi morada and while I’m happy I tried it, I doubt I would drink it on a regular occasion as it was a bit too sweet for me. I hope this place lasts as I would like to try some of the more unfamiliar Peruvian fare. I would recommend SP II without hesitation. Good Luck.

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  1. bgut1 sounds interesting a must try for sure...

    There is also a Newly opened Peruvian Resturant on the corner 1012 Cox Cro rd & Rt9 in Toms river.....formerly on the site of Brunello's & Athens Diner. Its on my list to try also....

    its called

    Chim Pun

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      I passed by it today as well but decided on SP II due to a friend's recommendation. I may try it soon. Thanks Tapas.

      1. re: bgut1

        bgut1.......looking forward to your review soon

        Happy New Year

    2. This place is wonderful!
      Had no intention of trying this today but was lost, made a turn, and was here!
      Realized it was on the my list and gave it a try.
      Brought home a Rotisserie Chicken - AMAZING chicken AMAZING flavor!
      These are kind wonderful people.
      Traditional Lima Peru Cuisine on the menu as well aka Criollo dishes.
      Had another Inca Kola as well - this tastes just like bubble gum!
      Next time will try the Tacu Tacu and Alfajores for dessert
      Not fancy just good food!
      Cannot wait to return!

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        Shabby - I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I have no idea why this place flies under the radar. I hope others try it as well.

      2. This Restaurant is my favorite in my neighbour hood , the Chicken is delicious an the portions are big , my side order is canary beans and rice.

        TRY THE CAUSA RELLENA , is with yellow potatos and chicken cold APETIZER

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          Well bgut1 you did it to me again!!! I finally got a chance to visit Super Pollo II in Bricktown this afternoon for lunch & I must say it was wonderful. Super Pollo I is in Brooklyn. Nice decor very pleasing to the eye I love the peach and soft yellow walls with the dark brown wood tables & chairs. I was warmly greeted by my beautiful & friendly smiling server....she took my drink order as I perused the menu. I opened with an Empanada which cam blistered & crisp just as I liked them with seasoned chopped meat inside & a slice of fresh lime to squeeze on top. I enjoyed that mucho & awaited my mains......half Peruvian Rotisserie chicken that was for sure one of the best I have ever had. the skin was crispy and so beautifully seasoned I was licking my fingers, I don't know what they do to it but they certainly have it going on in that kitchen !
          I also ordered the Chicharones, deep fried thick seasoned pork chunks with a side of crispy fried sweet potato slices with a red onion relish on the side.....she brought me the house hot sauce which is "cold" it looks like a creamy light green avocado sauce which has just enough nice heat to it for topping just about anything YUMMY! I also ordered a side of Peruvian Rice & Beans .......w/ white rice which was fantastic.....they use a white bean with a super sauce and spices next to some nice fluffy light non sticky white rice... a great combination of flavor. Although I was stuffed by this time I wish I brought the family so we could have ordered so many many more dishes....but I just had to take home some deserts and so I chose the Alfajores a shortbread cookie with caramel in between..., & the Purple Peruvian Bread pudding with Pineapple bits...all in all I love this place and I will return very soon .........try it you'll like it!!

          Thanx bgut1

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            Thanks Tapas. Your review made my mouth water. In fact you had me at chicharones. Now I have to get back there tout de suite. I'm happy you enjoyed SP II.

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              Tapas52 - We are in the middle of home improvements - but I want to sneak out of the house down to Super Pollo II - I'll just say I am going to home depot be back soon - LOL
              Great review, thanks for all the inspiration - I'm hungry!

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                Hey Tapas, we have friends in Bricktown, now I know where we're going. Making me hungry and I just ate :)

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                  Tom go for it.....a casual setting with real authentic Peruian style Latin cuisine.

                  It's right behind the "OUTBACK" restaurant in the plaza to the left in between El Tenampa Mexican restaurant & Ciao Baby Italian.


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                    Hi Tapas, we're going over our friends house today in Brick and the 4 of us are headed to Super Pollo ll to sample much of what has been mentioned in this thread. Looking forward to it.

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                      Tom have fun........awaiting your review. I hope you enjoy the Peruvian cuisine at Super Pollo II....... I was thinking of going back this evening also.

            2. Thanks to bgut, tapas and shabby we were looking forward to trying Super Pollo ll and trust me, it did not disappoint.
              We went with our friends who live in Bricktown, they knew the place existed but had not yet tried it.

              The place is clean, simple but attractive decor, plus nice and casual. After looking at the extensive menu, we decided to experiment with several different items.
              Had both types of empanadas, chicken and beef. Both were crispy and filled with meat. Both very good, I had a slight preference for the chicken.

              Papa Rellena was a deep fried mashed potato ball stuffed with ground beef, sauteed onions, raisins, hard boiled egg and black olives. This was served with lime marinated onions. From the description you would think the flavors would be strong, this was actually mild in flavor but amazingly light in texture which made it addictive to keep going back to.

              Chicharron was chunks of deep fried seasoned pork served with sweet potato chips and those lime marinated onions. OMG, lights out, this dish was the real deal. Rich, calorie overload but sooo good :)

              By this time we were already getting full but we continued with this feast. Both couples ordered the Whole Peruvian Style Rotisserie Chicken. These were good size and as bgut mentioned the spices permeated the entire chicken making for a finger licking treat. Also ordered sides of white rice and seasoned pink beans which were tasty and the beans not pasty as they can sometimes be, fried sweet plaintains which were tasty and Cancha, the toasted corn kernels, also very good. The last time we had Cancha was at Cuzco in South River but these were even better.

              We ordered a couple of desserts to bring back to our friends house. The Mazamorra Morada or Peruvian purple corn pudding with bits of pineapple and apple spiced with cinnamon. At other Peruvian places this is usually mixed with a cream dessert, on its own it was OK, more like a gelatin in texture and taste. Better with cream :)
              Also had a Alfajores which is their traditional cookie halfs filled with caramel. Yummy.
              Chicken left over for dinner tonight, can't wait. This place is quite a find and I can highly recommend it.

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              1. re: tom246

                tom246....I'm so glad you & your friends enjoyed your meal at
                Super Pollo II....my plans changed & I couldn't make it last night but for sure I intend to have dinner again there this week sometime, I'll report back afterwards also again. Thank you for the great review!

                1. re: Tapas52

                  Tapas, look forward to your return visit and thank you for recommending Super Pollo ll.

                  Forgot to add that the bill for the 4 of us with all that food was $57.00 before tax and tip. Incredible value!

                  1. re: tom246

                    "the bill for the 4 of us with all that food was $57.00 before tax and tip. Incredible value!"

                    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.!!!! lol

                    your very welcome Tom :)

                    1. re: Tapas52

                      Tom - Thanks for the excellent review. I'm happy you enjoyed SPII. It's always a pleasure to report about these undiscovered gems.

              2. Last month I came across this website while googling information on Super Pollo II. I had driven by it several times, and found my curiosity growing every time. After reading everyone's posts I was convinced I had to try this for dinner (THANK YOU!)

                Ladies and gentlemen... this is now by far my favorite local restaurant! I'm not too familiar with Hispanic food, but something about their dishes just feels like home. The first time I was there I ordered the recommended half chicken with rice and beans. Everything was so full of flavor and the chicken was perfectly "rotisseried".... i can still taste it and its making my mouth water mmmmm. Anyway, I have since then tried the lomo saltado (which is strips of steak, fries, onions and other goodies sauteed and served over rice), and tallarin verde con bistec (spaghetti with a delicious pesto sauce and a very large piece of steak). Both were large portions and the leftovers were just as yummy.

                Oh, and lets not forget the jalea. It is a seafood lovers dream! A mountain of fried fish, calamari, shrimp and yucca garnished with a tomato and onion relish and cancha. This dish was so big it could easily feed three people.

                These days you really need a bang for your buck and Super Pollo II definitely hits the spot... every time! Hmmm. I think I'll go there during my lunch break tomorrow. Cant wait!!!

                P.S. This is my first post, so please let me know how I did heehee.

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                1. re: miso_yummy

                  Welcome Miso, your post is great. We stuck to the chicken when we were there recently but your descriptions of the other dishes have me wanting to return soon, maybe this weekend!

                  1. re: tom246

                    Miso.......I hear ya.....Super Pollo II is a wonderful place to enjoy authentic Peruvian Latino cuisine.......I will certainlty be back very soon also. I'm glad its close by...enjoy!!

                    1. re: Tapas52

                      I'm happy to read that SPII is getting the love it most certainly deserves.

                2. Absolutely delicious food, I agree! And the people here are so friendly... especially the little teenager that is always around, so funny.

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                  1. re: saucyy

                    With all the talk about SPII I had to stop in on my way home. I picked up a Whole Rotisserie Chicken, the Mazamorra Morada (the rice pudding was unavailable) and an Alfajores cookie. In an interesting change of pace, I thought I would transcribe my oldest child's opinion of the food (he is 7 yrs old BTW). As to the chicken, he opined as follows: "Wow Daddy. I didn't think chicken could taste that good." As for the Mazamorra Morada: "OMG - That was worst thing I ever tasted (which was followed with him disposing of his mouthful in the garbage)."

                    Although I didn't share his harsh criticism for the dessert, I could understand why he didn't enjoy it. Both the loose gelatin texture and the cinnamon undertones made the dessert a bit unappetizing. The cookie on the other hand was fabulous. It was soft, flaky and buttery with a creamy and sweet caramel center. If not for my diet, I would have enjoyed more than a few bites. I did however experience a troubling observation during my visit. For the second time, I've arrived to find an empty restaurant. For a Friday evening this is most disconcerting. Folks - We need to support this restaurant or risk losing it and being relegated to chain restaurant hell. Please please please dine at SPII and recommend it to your friends. Thank you.

                    1. re: bgut1

                      We dropped in for dinner again over the weekend.at Super Pollo II..place was packed.......as suggested here tried the Pesto Flank steak which was very good.........
                      next Manow Thai for lunch!

                      1. re: Tapas52

                        Can I assume that Super Pollo is a byo ?

                        1. re: BCjr

                          BCjr......I would assume it is people were drinking Beer they brought ...there is no bar. Enjoy

                          1. re: Tapas52

                            It is BYO. Our group had a few bottles of wine during our dinner.

                      2. re: bgut1

                        Bgut, my wife and I stopped in today for lunch today and shared a salad as well as a half chicken with rice and beans. Delicious is the word that comes to mind. We also took a whole chicken to go and will knock it off very soon. BTW we went to B44 again last night with another couple and had great meals enjoyed by all in this TR bistro. This is our 4th visit and so far all very nice experiences.

                        1. re: JerzeyShore

                          Jerzey - I'm happy you enjoyed both restaurants.

                          1. re: bgut1


                            Tried to find the place adn menu on line but not successful with getting the menu! I was thinking about getting take out for those famous chicken, how much is a whole chicken?

                            1. re: HelenB

                              Helen - I seem to recall a whole chicken being somewhere around $12. Good luck and please let us know what you thought of the restaurant.

                              1. re: bgut1

                                bgut, thanks for the information! Will surely write a post if I have the chance to try it out this weekend!

                                1. re: HelenB

                                  I just picked up 2 chickens this week. They were $9 each. On the small side, but delicious.
                                  They sign on the door says they open at 11:00. I got there at 11:35 and the chicken wasn't ready. An hour later I went back and got them.

                    2. My mouth was watering reading this post!!

                      Does anyone know of a menu online? Would love to get lunch here one day. If not, what are some of the surrounding stores in Kennedy Plaza on Hooper? I'll have to stop in one day and get a menu.


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                      1. re: nachoswithcocoa

                        Sorry Nachos. No website or online menu. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. Good Luck.

                        1. re: bgut1

                          Finally made it here today. Funny thing is it's right next to my old dentist! I guess they opened recently cuz I don't remember seeing them before.

                          Got the chicken, chicharron, rice and beans, and sweet plantains (maduro?).

                          Everything was fantastic from start to finish. Wow, the rotisserie was amazing.

                          Thank you chow hounds!!