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Dec 30, 2008 04:30 PM

latest Dungeness report: painful

Hello and Happy New Year to all hounds. I found live Dungeness at R99 in Foster City today for $7/lb. Ouch. Obviously, they had a long trip from Washington or points north, but still ... the rolling average live price at R99 and Princeton Harbor off the boats for the previous three years is $4.75/lb. I can only hope that supply goes up and demand drops after New Year's.

This will probably be the only time this season I fork over two Jacksons for a crab dinner. What a terrible season this has turned out to be. I fully expect the salmon opener to be just as bleak this spring.

Sushi Monster

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  1. So what is the going rate off the boats in Princeton this year? The last two years the price has been around $4 lb as I recall. The only thing I have read is that the crabs are really small this year.

    1. I picked the wrong New Years to make crab cakes. Oh well. Let's hope the crabs return to the bay area and the environmental state of our seas improves soon.

      1. So I just got four live ones at $4.99/pound. $47.00 for four....I like to think they were "big"....that's what all the regulars were yelling,,,,,,from a chinese market in Vacaville ( Country Square....Da Bomb!), what do I do....right now they are on ice. Is that best for the short term? Won't cook until tonight or early AM. I'll ask for more help then. Making hoppin john with crab so just going to boil, but if there is something more profund to do with live crab, I'm open to it....

        1. I think if you wait a week or so hopefully the price will drop some. Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year prices will go up.

          I hope they will drop.

          Glad we got our fix earlier this year.

          Happy New Year to you all.

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            Hopefully you're right. I know after Thanksgiving the price dropped right afterwards. Also I was at Lucky in Oakland Chinatown yesterday someone came in a cleaned them out...bought half a tank.

            1. re: ML8000

              I am basing this on past trends. Not a promise. Just hoping. Have a few new recipes using crab. Hopefully I will get to try them.

              1. re: ML8000

                Saw live crab for 3.99 at 99Ranch on Thursday. So the prices are dropping a little. But in two weeks is Chinese New Year and prices will jump again.

                Then I hope they will go low again.

                1. re: yimster

                  They were $4.99 at Manila Oriental on Mission St this week.

                  1. re: yimster

                    $3.99 /lb was the price at Lucky Seafood in Oakland Chinatown this morning. The tank was mostly empty with 2-3 live ones. The rest were sleepy or on their last leg.

                    Still $3.99 isn't bad. I'll find out next week if they're any good. I'm going to cook a few for my Dad's b-day.

              2. All this talk about price and no mention of quality. The early season, local crab was fabulous, but last night I had some from my favorite supplier, who should remain anonymous,( since I don't blame them at all) for $6 lb. and I would have sworn from the texture of one of them that it had been frozen if I hadn't cooked it myself. I don't think that travel is very" broadening "for crabs or lobsters.

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                1. re: little big al

                  No crab in the tanks at 99 Ranch in Foster City.