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eeee Dec 30, 2008 04:12 PM

I found myself with an odd (for me) craving for Japanese-style curry and decided to try lunch at Curry-ya, a tiny place in the East Village. Curry-ya is a sliver of a restaurant, consisting solely of a counter bracketing an entirely open kitchen. The menu consists of Japanese curry, which can be ordered medium, hot or very hot, with additional mix-ins like seafood, chicken, etc. as well as toppings like egg (either boiled or raw.) Salads and desserts are also available.

I was in a chicken-y mood and ordered the curry with grilled chicken and a seaweed salad. The salad was small, fresh and tasty, but was hardly the main event.

The curry was as I had remembered it. Japanese curry is sweetish and not at all spicy. The "hot" had no detectable heat whatsoever. If you want heat, I would either get it "very hot" or be more insistent than I was. It was also not all that hot temperature-wise. That said, it was tasty and served in its one little pot. The size was moderate but filled me up. (a large curry can also be ordered.)

I wouldn't say it's fantastic value for money. The chicken dish cost me 12 dollars, the salad was 4. but I had a nice lunch and certainly satisfied my craving. You can get just the sauce for 7 dollars, and the lunch special (a curry du jour + a salad) is 8 (it was a dry curry, so I didn't order it, since I was after the sauce.)

As a special bonus, Curry-ya has a Japanese toilet with a full-on control panel (those of you familiar with Japanese facilities will know what I'm talking about.)

  1. u
    uwsister Dec 31, 2008 06:51 PM

    Curry-ya works in a pinch, but I prefer Go-Go Curry in Midtown West. Cheaper too.

    1. NYJewboy Dec 31, 2008 01:23 PM

      I tried it. Maybe we can call it 'japanesetoilet-ya', off that is the most memorable feature.

      1. x
        xigua Dec 31, 2008 05:57 AM

        I only went once but thought the food was only average and overpriced. I usually make my own, but when I'm craving for fried stuff on my curry, I go to go go curry instead.

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