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Dec 30, 2008 03:06 PM

Where can I buy really fresh raw shrimp in Brooklyn?

I'm not sure if I should be posting here or the home cooking board, but I'd like to poach some shrimp as described by Marcella Hazan and you need super fresh shrimp. Seems like most places have frozen shrimp, which for all I know is all you can get in NYC. That said, does anyone know if there is anywhere in Brooklyn (or Manhattan) that sells truly fresh shrimp?


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  1. you can usually buy live shrimp in sunset park's chinatown. (and in the manhattan chinatown as well, i'm sure) doesn't get much fresher than that. can't remember which store has it, but if you wander around 8th ave in the high 50's, one of the shops that sells seafood should have them.

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      Live shrimp is almost the only option, since all of the other shrimp is either frozen or has been thawed after the trip from the Gulf or where ever, There are also Maine shrimp which are in season now and you can search the boards here for them. I don't, however, know of anyplace in New York City where you can buy them.

    2. the best shrimp is ALMOST ALWAYS frozen. 99.9% of shrimp are frozen on the boat, and that is a good thing as the quality diminishes quickly as soon as it's out of the water. the freshest tasting shrimp are shrimp you buy that is still frozen. non-frozen shrimp is going to be defrosted shrimp. better you do that on your own......