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Dec 30, 2008 02:06 PM

Best wine and liquor prices/selection in Queens?

As NYE nears, I belatedly realize that I forgot to make a pilgrimage to Astor Wine and Spirits (my go-to place in Manhattan). I live in Astoria, and am unaware of anything so great in my nabe (I find the rather large store on 31st st and 30th ave to be overpriced and not such a good selection). I am willing to travel if anybody has any particular suggestions - in addition to wine, I'm interested in scotch, bourbon, tequila... Thank you!

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  1. Why don't you head over to the liquor store that is next to Costco? Their prices are very good. Of course, selection is limited, but for champagne, and wine to make sangria (which is what I do), they are okay. You don't need to be a member of costco to shop there either.

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      I agree with Janie. Nice basic selections at very reasonable prices. I think their called KHH Liquors or KH&H Liquors.

    2. The store on Astoria Blvd. and 29th/28th (dont remember) seems to have a decent selection, and used to be a little less pricey than Grand Liquors.

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        Lowery Liquors on 40th & Queens Blvd. fits the bill!

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            Lowery Liquors was a good rec. The place was a madhouse on NYE, as was to be expected. They had a far more expansive selection than anyplace else I've seen in Western Queens; the prices were also somewhat better than what I've seen around here (and a few sale items were quite good deals). I still find Astor Wines in Manhattan to be the best place to shop, but Lowery is certainly a good back-up for me
            ps- a couple of doors down there is a market (didn't catch the name) that has quite a good beer selection (there are hundreds of bottles in the window), but it is way overpriced and very difficult to actually browse the very cramped beer aisles

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              Sunnyside History -
              Louie Lodati owned & operated Lowery for decades.
              He was a real NY character.
              The park on Skillman Ave. & 41st Street was where I went to "Park School" when I was 4 years old. There is a sign there now commemorating his support of the community.
              Happy New Year fellow hounds.

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          That's Dominick's. The staff there is very friendly and helpful!

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            There's a store off of Grand ave, I believe it's Ace, (buy rite), these guys are the best hands down. If you need something they'll take care of it for you, I think there names are Ed and Dave.

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              The market a couple doors down from Lowery is called Supreme. I has lots of interesting things beside the very good beer selection.

          2. Hunters Point Wine in LIC (Vernon & 47th ave) has a great selection of well priced bottles from small producers. Lots of great finds and a very helpful staff make this my favorite wine store.

            1. We love Lowery's on Queens Boulevard between 40th and 41st Streets. It's got a great selection of wines and liquors -- one of the best neighborhood liquor stores around.

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                I can't speak for the rest of Queens, but Empire on Queens Bld in FH...about equidistant between the 67th Dr and Continental ave. stops, has a great selection and great in Forest hills....can't compare to other neighborhood's , though....