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Dec 30, 2008 01:58 PM

Steak or Seafood (Las Vegas)

I'm hoping you can help me find a nice restaurant for Valentine's weekend. I'm looking for either a steak or seafood restaurant with great food and ambience. Nothing too club like and I have a budget of about $150. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Thank you!!

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  1. This board covers a huge geographic area including the cities of Phoenix, Las Vegas and Denver. You need to specify the location.

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    1. re: Debbie W

      I'm sorry, thank you!! I'm looking for a restaurant in Las Vegas!!

      1. re: mh4e

        Depending on your transportation situation, you'll get the most bang for your buck and a half at Rosemary's. If you have your own wheels, they should be your number 1 choice.

    2. I had quite a nice meal @RM Seafood at the Mandalay Bay while I was there. I would pass on craftsteak based on my personal experience.

      1. I'm now considering SW Steakhouse so I guess that blows my budget! I've heard good things about this place, has anyone been there or have any opinions on it? Thanks