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Xin Jiang Restaurant

Hugh Dec 30, 2008 01:13 PM

We went to Xin Jiang yesterday evening. It is in a mall/plaza at 3636 Steeles Avenue East (west of Warden).

The cuisine is of "western China". The name is actually that of the western province of China that is the home of the Uyghur people. The food is Halal (no pork!). Many of the dishes include lamb.

We are no experts in the cuisine. So we cannot speak to authenticity. But here are a few observations, starting with what we ate.

110 nan: not very exciting. Of course we compare it with the best we've had in Indian restaurants which is surely unfair. Not cooked in a tandoor :-)

104 Pan fried onion cake: nice and greasy. One of us liked it better than the version from Asian Legend (a branch of which is in the same building).

201 BBQ lamb kabob: quite nice. Distinctive spicing that I did not identify but had elements of curry. The meat was not cooked to the point of dryness.

104 Hand made noodle with sliced meat (we chose chicken). Quite tasty. The noodles were tough, but in a way that I quite like.

206 Stir-fried shredded lamb with nan: our favourite. The nan is cubed and fried -- nicely greasy.

518 Eel with picked pepper and garlic cloves. We found it a little awkward to deal with the bones in the eel segments -- probably our inexperience. There was a large mass of garlic cloves. We were probably supposed to eat them but I found them not too rewarding.

We all agreed that it was a memorable meal and wish to return. The spicing was both different and enjoyable.

The place was full with a waiting list by perhaps 19:30 (on a Monday night, but during a holiday period). Most customers appeared to be young Chinese-Canadians. Not all the waiters spoke English. They apologized for being short-staffed that night. Service was pleasant but stretched.

The cost, including tax but excluding tip, for the four of us, was just over $40. Very reasonable. No credit cards.

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  1. sweetie RE: Hugh Dec 31, 2008 11:01 AM

    The shredded lamb with nan sounds good. It sounds kind of like kothu roti (but with nan). The plaza/mall you are talking about, would that be metro square?
    Thank you for the review. I am going to have to check this place out.

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