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Dec 30, 2008 01:00 PM

Dinner Tonight Help! Crab, potatoes, lettuce and not much else..

Hi, I am totally blanking at the moment and don't want to go to the store. I have maybe a cup and a half of crab meat (maybe 2? it came from just the body of 2 crabs) I need to feed 3 adults. I also have potatoes, half and half, and lettuce to make a cesar salad. How in the world can I stretch out that little crab to feed two really hungry men? Anyone got more sleep then me and can figure this riddle out, or am I stuck making a supermarket run? I appreciate the help and the quickest the better! Thanks!

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  1. Well.....I'd say....pasta, cream sauce (half-n-half) with the crab, cold vinaigrette potato salad served over the lettuce? Check your freezer to see if you have any frozen veggies that can add to your salad : green beans, peas, broccoli etc.

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    1. re: Quine

      Pasta was my first though too, but I'm out of that also. I went from finals week to having a sick kid to Christmas, so my pantry is a bit depleted at the moment.

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        Oh man that is tough! Root through your pantry and freezer, tell us what you do have, let us get a go at that!

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          A bag of green beans from trader joes and some canned tomatoes oh and cheese. Yup I really need to go the store one of these days! Oh and two loaves of french bread, one that should be stale (was going to make croutons if nothing better came up for the lettuce)

    2. Do you have any kind of filler (bread crumbs, onions, bell peppers) so you can stretch the crab, and make crab cakes to go atop the salad? With the half and half and potatoes, make a soup. Soup and a salad - sounds good to me.

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        I thought of crab cakes but am not sure I have enough stuff to make it taste good. I could make bread crumbs, would that and yellow onions make a tasty enough crab cake?

      2. My first thought was twice baked potatoes with crab and cheese (gruyere, provolone, muenster, jack, etc). If you have Greek yogurt , scallions and mushrooms - even better. Serve the potatoes with your caesar salad.

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          I saw a recipe for that on-line and I do have a good cheddar for baked potatoes., but I was worried that the crab would be drowned out in that recipe. It took me forever to clean that crab! Can you still taste the crab?

          1. re: elliora

            I wish I could say, elliora. I've never made them. I just found the idea online after it seemed like a good marry of the ingredients you have on hand. I fully appreciate your concern too.

            As another reviewer suggested, you could make a lovely romaine salad tossed with the roasted potatoes, crab meat and a dijon vinaigrette - but I fear it wouldn't be enough to satisfy your "hungry men". :)

        2. How about crab chowder and salad?

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            oooh crab chowder, yeah. You still have the shells to help with the broth? If you have cheese, and hopefully bread, make some sort of grilled bread with cheese to serve as "scoopers" with the chowder and salad.

            1. re: Quine

              no crab shells and no broth, could I still make crab chowder because that does sound very good

              1. re: elliora

                If you have canned chicken or vegetable broth, you could probably use that, although it would not have the strong crab flavor.

          2. Do you have enough for crab-melt type sandwiches? Use the potatoes for home fries or oven fries, and have a salad. Or baked potatoes topped with crab alfredo sauce (could you add the green beans to the sauce?) and a salad.

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              Can anyone expand on the baked potatoes with crab, are these good, can you taste the crab? Is it better to make it twice baked, like posted above, or with the crab alfredo sauce? Because it turns out one loaf of bread is bad, the other can only be used for croutons. So no sandwiches, and I really feel like I don't have enough to make a tasty soup. The potato idea is my last hope before resigning myself to go to the store.

              1. re: elliora

                Um, I have no idea - but why not that a poor excuse. It works in my head. Maybe twice-bakes with crab and cheese, a side of the beans and a salad.


                Could you sub the bacon out and use the crab?