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Dec 30, 2008 12:25 PM

Question about Tarts

I'm making an almond tart for New Year's Eve (from Batali's Molto Italiano if you're interested) and the bottom of my tart pan has gone missing (I suspect having a toddler who is very interested in kitchen implements may have contributed to this). Should I set the tart pan directly on a half sheet lined in parchment paper or tin foil before adding the pastry dough? Cut a circle for the bottom from parchment paper and set the whole thing on a cookie sheet? Make a freeform gallette directly on the cookie sheet, dispensing of the tart pan entirely? FYI, the tart filling isn't very soupy -- it's apricot jam, chopped chocolate and an almond macaroon meringue.

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  1. I would just set the ring on a bare sheetpan and fit the dough into it. I've seen bakers do this with those pastry rings they sell at restaurant supply stores and it seems like the right technique. You'll have to use a spatula to get it off, but if you have a butter crust, sticking shouldn't be a problem. The free form technique would probably work too, but wouldn't be as pretty....

    1. i think using a parchement to line the round to prevent the sticking worries. =) it will be fine.

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        Id also line it with a parchment round and place the ring on a cookie sheet for support.

      2. I agree with jenhen. Just plop it down on your unlined half sheet and use it as you would a flan ring.