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Dec 30, 2008 12:18 PM

Where Can I Find (raw) Duck Eggs?

With the ban on "raw" salted duck eggs coming into the States, I haven't had any luck in locating these eggs and I can't use the cooked ones sold in the Asian stores. I use to make my own salted duck eggs from the duck eggs I bought at a vendor at in Torrance, however, the couple had retired and the new vendor who the retired couple sold the business to isn't there anymore (and they don't sell duck eggs). I asked my co-workers and the vendors at Farmer's market but they don't know of anyone who sells duck eggs locally. I found some duck egg websites but they wanted way too much. At present, I'm salting the "jumbo" chicken eggs, but the yolk just doesn't come out as nice. Does anyone know where I can find some locally? Thanks

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    1. Any store that sells balut or hot vit lon (the Vietnamese phrase for balut) should be able to sell you some. I know Hawaii Supermarket used to have them, I haven't been in a very long time and I don't use duck eggs but you could call.

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        Hawai'i has them, as does 168, and probably most Chinese grocery stores.

      2. I used to buy duck eggs fairly regularly at the wed. SM farmer's market. I haven't been in a while so cannot confirm that they are still there, but I would think they are.

        1. I dont know the name, but I got them at a grocery market in china town,kind of the north east end

          1. There is usually a vendor that sells raw duck eggs at the Eagle Rock Farmer's Market. Friday nights (4-7pm-ish) near the intersection of Colorado & Eagle Rock Blvd.